Australian Tax Office

The Australian Taxation Office is an Australian statutory agency and the principal revenue collection body for the Australian government. The ATO has responsibility for administering the Australian federal taxation system, superannuation legislation, and other associated matters.

The Challenge

During 2015 the ATO began their digital  transformation project, “Reinventing the ATO”. The goal of this project was to enable better engagement with stakeholders. Customers were referencing third party websites instead of ATO, leading to potential confusion. The ATO were building the capability to assist  customers by creating informative videos. These videos communicated new legislation and solved common tax related questions. A primary goal was to ensure that the time it took for customers to resolve their tax questions was reduced. As the ATO is bound by the DSS (Digital Services Standard), any provider would need to comply with the standard.

The Solution

The capability of the Viostream platform is an essential component of the ATO’s digital transformation project. ATO TV ( is the public facing video portal displaying all tax related information. This provides guidance to individuals, tax professionals and  non-for-profit institutions. Videos on the portal are published in multiple languages and are WCAG 2.0 compliant. The portal has provided significant financial savings to the department.

The ATO's Video Production Unit manage over 200 live streams a year using the Viostream platform. It is utilised for public webcasts for tax professionals and public Commissioner addresses. It is also used for internal staff webcasts. All webcasts include interactive Q&A and are automatically converted to on demand webcasts

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