Everything you need to engage
your people with video

Making and watching video is second nature in our personal lives. Viostream brings that capability into your organisation, with the security and control that enterprises need.


First you're going to need some video content

Sourcing video should be easy. Empower your people to create video content themselves with their devices or computers. Use your video and web conference systems to record training sessions and create lasting assets. Add our portable video studio kit so you can easily film pieces to camera and let us handle the editing overnight so you get quick turnaround, high quality produced content at a fraction of the cost.

Live stream your events

With Viostream's Live module you can broadcast your video live to an audience on any device, anywhere in the world. Create an event site with your branding, add your event details and viewer registration then use the director module to go live, incorporating synchronised slides and online Q&A to drive audience engagement.

Make your video content discoverable and engaging

When the dialogue in your videos can be searched, it turns your videos into a valuable resource of structured data that can be easily discovered. And when your presentation recordings can be navigated with chapters it makes it easy for viewers to find what they're looking for.

A video hub to keep all your videos in one place

Viostream gives you a dashboard view of all your video content, which you can choose to embed into your intranet, website or learning management system, or you can publish your own hosted, branded video gallery to create a powerful and interactive corporate tube experience for your audience.

An awesome user experience. Wherever they may be.

Viostream's intelligent streaming adapts to viewer device and bandwidth, so whether your audience is viewing on a boardroom projector or a mobile device in a remote area they will always have an awesome user experience.

And because you get to leverage our global cloud platform, you can scale to tens of thousands of viewers anywhere in the world without having to invest money in your own infrastructure.

How engaging really are your videos?

Get a holistic picture of audience engagement and media activity with Viostream's reporting dashboard. Not just video views, but who is watching, from where, on what screen, and how long are they watching (or not watching).

Track individual viewer completion activity for compliance or learning management reporting, and make informed decisions when it comes to improving the effectiveness of your video content and achieving maximum ROI.

A happy IT team. It's a thing.

Intelligently control access to your content and delivery across your corporate network, mitigating the impact of streaming video and keeping bandwidth demand to a minimum. Comply with IT and security protocols out of the box with a platform designed to align to your existing technology stack and maximise the video potential of your enterprise applications.

Take control of your content

Viostream's dashboard gives you a central view of all your video assets, indexed by collections, channels and tags with complete control over who gets to see what. Viewer access can be authenticated against your existing corporate directory so your people can experience the seamless consumer grade video experience they're used to.

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