Stream live and take questions from your audience

Engage your audience wherever they are with interactive Q&A. Viewers online and in-room can type in their questions, or upvote a question that has already been asked. You can moderate the questions that have come through, and your presenter can see on their tablet which questions have been prioritised.

It makes for a fluid, interactive experience for your viewers, your audience in the room and your presenter. And you get complete control over the content.

For broader engagement, Viostream integrates with common enterprise social applications like Yammer and social aggregation platforms like Stackla.

Video Engaging

Let viewers navigate through your video

Online video viewers typically stay engaged for about 90 seconds, but your videos (particularly recordings of presentations or training sessions) are usually a lot longer. Viostream lets you section your videos for easy access without having to edit them.

You just type in the chapter name and where in the video it should link to and you give your viewers the ability to jump straight to the bits they're most interested in.

Search for words in your videos

Use the in-built workflow to create timed captions, and Viostream's interactive transcript and search function turns the spoken words in your video into a powerful, searchable information resource.

The search function allows your viewers to type in any word or phrase and seek directly to the points in the video that those words are spoke, so no more need to skip forward randomly in the hope of finding what you're after.

Make your videos clickable

Watching video is great, but being able to click on the videos to access related information, or take a requested action is even better. Viostream's in-built call to action function lets you add clickable buttons to your videos without any editing.

Just enter the text for your button or upload an image, add a link and select where you want it to appear in the video. It's that easy.

Add more context to your videos with PowerPoint slides

Sometimes a talking head isn't enough and you need to get more information across. With Viostream can upload a PowerPoint deck and synchronise the slides with your live or recorded video content to create engaging webcasts and truly recreate your presentation online.

A video hub to keep all your videos in one place

Viostream gives you a dashboard view of all your video content, which you can choose to embed into your intranet, website or learning management system, or you can publish your own hosted, branded video gallery to create a powerful and interactive corporate tube experience for your audience.

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