Live Streaming

Secure, reliable live streaming made easy

With Viostream's Live module you can broadcast your town halls, presentations or training sessions live to a remote audience on any device, anywhere in the world ,securely, and with the confidence that when you go live it's going to work.

And because when you go live you only get one chance to get it right, we have the people and technology you can trust to bring it all together and make you look like a rockstar.

Live stream your events

Push button live from everywhere

Viostream LiveBox makes it easy to deliver super high quality live streams of your presentations, events or conferences from just about anywhere.

Plug in a video camera, hit "Live", and you push out a live stream using the built-in bonded 4G wireless modems, connecting automatically with Viostream using multiple wireless networks, so there's no need to rely on venue connectivity and the live uplink does not even need to travel across your corporate network.

Everything you need to be sure it's going to work

Viostream's global content delivery infrastructure and adaptive bitrate streaming means your audience can tune in on almost any device, anywhere in the world.

To set you up for success, our live broadcast team work with you to share best-practice in planning and delivering successful live streams, to make sure your event is flawless. And for true peace of mind, the Viostream broadcast team are on hand during support your live event, either on-site or with full remote access to help troubleshoot any issues in real-time so you can focus on delivering an outstanding experience for your viewers.

Live interaction

Provide an awesome, interactive user experience

Create and publish your own branded webcast interface and add viewer registration for lead capture or authentication. Add synchronised slides, Q&A or online chat to drive audience engagement and use Viostream's syndication and sharing functions to maximise reach.

There's no software to download or install. Our intelligent player identifies the viewer's device and available bandwidth and selects the optimum format – so whether they're watching an HD broadcast in a presentation room or a 3G stream on a mobile they're assured of a seamless viewing experience with more engagement and less buffering.

Interactive user experience

Engage your audience with live online Q&A

Make it easy for your online and in-room audience to interact with your event using live Q&A. Viostream offers an elegant live Q&A workflow to capture questions from your audience, give you the chance to moderate them and give your presenter a simple view of queued questions on an iPad.

Alternatively, Viostream integrates with social and chat platforms like Yammer, and Stackla so you can use your own tools to add interactivity to live streams.

Managed Live Events

End-to-end Live event services

Whether you need our crew on-site to handle everything from cameras to screen or you want the capability to do your own regular DIY live streaming, you get access to the Viostream live broadcast team who have been delivering successful live stream events for more than a decade.

Viostream's live broadcast team partner with you to apply their experience with live event planning and delivery to give you the confidence you need to know it's going to work, and to give your viewers an experience they'll be captivated by.

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How to live stream corporate events

What you need to know about live streaming

Live streaming is becoming ubiquitous in enterprise communication, but if it's something you haven't tried before here's why you should consider it:

  • Timeliness: When it's live there's no cascading or dilution of message over time
  • Impact: Everyone gets the same information at the same time wherever they are
  • Interaction: You can engage your audience in real-time interaction

In this short video (1:27), Live Event Specialist Mike Swanander, offers tips to communicators and content producers thinking about doing live video broadcasts.

Live streaming a presentation

Should you live stream your event?

Live streaming a presentation or event definitely introduces complexity and risk that doesn't exist when capturing it for on-demand viewing. There is a lot more to go wrong, and because it's real time there's little chance to fix it on the fly.

The benefits are significant though, and generally outweigh the risks; viewers will typically watch 10x longer than recorded content and you have an awesome opportunity to engage and interact with your live stream viewers.

Viostream's live team have delivered 1,000s of successful live streams, and are more than happy to share their knowledge to help you figure out if it makes sense to stream your event. Get in touch with our live team now.

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