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There are 3 keys to successfully utilising video streaming for effective internal communications:

  • First, the technology must meet your IT security and data sovereignty requirements and it needs to be proven, reliable and backed by technical support
  • Second, it has to actually work on your corporate network, and complement your existing tools and applications
  • Finally, you need support for the change required for video to become an integral part of your internal communications toolset, strategy and day to day manager and employee behaviour

How Viostream helps you nail all 3

We tick the first box with a technology platform as good as any in the world, the second through a network and streaming services team that can work hand in glove with enterprise IT and network teams on the ground in Australia, and the third through a locally experienced customer success team who can share best-practice and handhold you through the implementation process and beyond to make sure you maximise utilisation and ROI from the solution.

No other video streaming partner can pull all three aspects together to ensure your success like Viostream.

Customer Success

Your Client Services Manager provides personalised advice and best-practice guidance based on your industry and organisational objectives. They will manage the on-boarding process, provide ongoing training and keep you updated with changes and enhancements to the Viostream platform.

Technical Support

Viostream’s Technical Support team provide the reassurance of 24/7 helpdesk assistance. Flexible support options include contextual help in console, online knowledge hub, support ticketing system for tracking and managing issues and the option of accessing our 24/7 helpdesk call center.

Live Broadcast Services

When you go live, there’s no room for failure – your audience expects nothing less than a seamless viewing experience. So for must not fail events Viostream’s Event Services team partner with you to apply their experience in successful live online broadcasts to make sure yours is a success.

You can outsource the live stream process end to end or leverage Viostream’s services team to build capability in your organisation to live stream self-sufficiently.

Network Services

Partnering with you to solve complex video distribution challenges across the corporate network, Viocorp’s network streaming team offers professional services to identify the most effective way to manage this impact, working with your infrastructure team to implement a scalable, reliable approach to managing video streaming across internal networks.

Integration Services

Viostream is designed to effectively video-enable your enterprise applications, and Viostream’s Services team and partner network can work with your in-house IT teams to achieve seamless integrations, including:

  • Linking Viostream with your Web Conference, Video Conference or TelePresence systems to enable live broadcast or video capture from your existing infrastructure
  • Integrate streaming video publishing with your digital signage or display screens
  • Leverage Viostream’s flexible API for integration into your CMS, LMS, DAM or mobile app
  • Deploy a hybrid solution leveraging your existing storage infrastructure

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