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Simple video content management

As your video library grows (and it will given how easy Viostream makes content creation), Viostream gives you the tools to categorise and effectively manage your content so you don’t get lost in video.

First of all we make it simple to find relevant content with channels, tags and playlists, then we make it easy to find the right content inside the video with video chapters and speech search.

So no matter if you have 100 or 1,000 videos you and your viewers can quickly find what you’re looking for.

Scalability, security and control

Viostream provides scalable cloud storage for your digital assets in secure, Tier 3 data centres that will meet the most stringent IT security and governance regulations.

When you upload a video, Viostream creates multiple bit-rate and formats which are stored in the cloud, and the optimum format is delivered from a global content delivery network when the viewer clicks play.

The end result? Support large numbers of video views from anywhere in the world without having to invest in infrastructure to support the bandwidth.

Enterprise Grade Video Management

Viostream is a secure SaaS platform designed around the needs of the enterprise, and by default content is stored in Tier 3 data centres with full redundancy and backups to ensure IT compliance.

Viostream’s best of breed security features are designed to ensure content storage and distribution is in line with your corporate security policies.

From media encryption and time-based URL signing keys to Single Sign-On Active Directory Federation Services, we ensure that you have full control over who gets to see your content and protect you from unwanted sharing or malicious interference.

No storage or bandwidth headaches

Video content by it’s very nature is data hungry, but the scale of Viostream means you don’t need to think twice about the use of video becoming too popular.

Viostream includes unlimited video storage and unlimited video views. So there won’t be any nasty bandwidth or storage charges if your employee content competition takes off like wildfire or your meet the CEO video gets watched 5 times by every staff member.

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