Video Publishing

Live or recorded video in all your channels

Easily share a video, a playlist of content or a live stream in an email link or embed it into your intranet, website, collaboration platform or learning management system. With native integrations to common platforms like SharePoint and Yammer, streaming video becomes a simple extension of your existing applications. And because Viostream is an enterprise grade video platform you can be confident you have control over who can view it, and can minimise any impact no network bandwidth.

Video galleries

Launch your own branded video gallery, also known as a Corporate Tube, to create a powerful and interactive video experience for your audience.

Add your branding to one of our responsive templates, and you're ready to launch. Galleries can be locked down with user registration or single sign-on to manage access seamlessly for staff, or you can embed galleries into secure intranet sites safe in the knowledge they can't be shared externally.

Control who can watch your content

Viostream's security features control who can view your content and prevent unwanted sharing. You can secure content through seamless viewer registration or single sign-on, or by embedding your videos into a secure intranet or LMS site and using Viostream's account controls to restrict playback to that URL.

Minimise bandwidth impact on the corporate network

Video content by it's very nature is data hungry, but the scale of Viostream means you don't need to think twice about the use of video becoming too popular.

Viostream enables video streaming at scale, providing remote sites with quality, reliable viewing of live and on-demand video. Intelligent traffic and bitrate control provides predictable levels of performance and ensures that streaming content does not congest the WAN and interfere with business-critical applications.

Viostream leverages the stream splitting and HTTP caching ability of network devices to serve a single live stream to multiple users, minimising bandwidth utilisation. This makes it possible to leverage your existing network infrastructure, such as caching and WAN optimisation appliances, rather than requiring investment in a dedicated video network across your sites.

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