Video Sourcing

Video Conference

HD cameras, built-in microphones and well designed lighting in rooms with little sound intrusion. Sounds a lot like a film studio, but it's actually the way that many video conference rooms are set up, and they make a great source for high quality video capture.

Viostream is designed to work with the recording functions of most common video conference platforms such as Cisco, BlueJeans and Polycom.

Web Conference / Webinar

You can record your online training and meeting sessions from platforms like WebEx or Skype for Business and make them available for all the people who weren't able to participate live. Index all of your important meetings and training sessions, make them available in your own branded video library so your people have one place to go to find everything they need, and use Viostream's in-built speech search to make the information inside the videos discoverable.

Mobile Devices

Smartphone and tablet devices are equipped with HD video cameras, giving limitless opportunity for your people to capture and share their stories wherever they may be. The User Generated Content capability in Viostream lets users upload video from almost any mobile device (e.g. Apple, Samsung, GoPro), and workflow options around moderation, tagging and publishing let you turn on the taps of user content creation without flooding.

Your own portable studio

The most cost-effective way to have an “always-on” video production capability is to do it in-house. But the biggest challenge is having the resources and skills to create great looking content. We solve that.

Imagine an in-house video recording studio so compact that packs into a carry-on case, and is so simple to set up and use that all of your people can be trained to use it. All they need to do is point and shoot using the camera, mic and autocue in the box, record your content then upload the raw footage on the incorporated iPad to a video hub where all the post-production and editing happens overnight, giving you a professionally produced video with graphics and soundtrack ready to publish the next day.

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