Learn best practices and tips on how to use video for all your work needs. Each month, a member of the Viostream team will host a virtual panel featuring industry experts discussing topics like cybersecurity, video library management, using video in remote work settings, and more.

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what is viostream?

The tool that makes video for professional teams smarter, not harder

BI Integration

Combine your video analytics with marketing, sales, and support data within your Business Intelligence Tool.

Location Reports

Understand how people from different areas of the globe engage with your videos.

Viewer Reports

Measure, track, and report on who is watching which videos.

Media Reports

See video performance, engagement, and viewing patterns.

Technology Reports

See what devices your audience are using, allowing you to optimize your video for mobile, desktop or tablet.

Event Reports

View event performance, audience engagement, viewing patterns for video-based programs.

Secure Video Portals

Build video portals for different audiences (executives, managers, or HR) and securely present video playlists to exact the audience you want.

Control Viewer Access

Securely control all learning & training content with either Single Sign On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), or preregistered login (by email).

Control Video Locations

Viostream’s domain and subdomain restrictions, allow you to control the domain publish locations. Sensitive training videos can only be published according to your restrictions.

Restricted Videos

Video can be restricted by IP address—which means that users must be on the corporate network, in the office, or be logged into the network VPN.

Track Video History

Detailed audit logs enable you to quickly view video change history (upload, publication, and sharing preferences) by user.

Data Sovereignty

Keep your video, viewer, user data securely stored in your country, under your law.

Live Streaming

Grow your event audience with secure, high quality video. Capture new geographic regions with hybrid event delivery.

Account Management

Easily manage your user permissions, video access and authorizations within our central control panel.

Scalable Platform

Ensure that your videos aren't compromised by high traffic volumes or that your video quality is degraded.

Global Distribution

Deliver you video to a global audience with our secure content delivery network.

Video Tagging

Quickly filter and sort videos by topic, keyword, or publisher with our video management function.

Video Library

Embed custom video channels & automatically publish new videos by topic to a secure video portal.

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Cybersecurity Threats to Law Firms in 2022

April 11, 2022 1:00 PM

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time, North America, (GMT -4). Join a 30-minute panel of cybersecurity experts to learn how to best protect your organization and your work from security risks in 2022.

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  • Gabriel Friedlander: Founder of Wizer, an online free security awareness training provider.
  • Nace Naumoski: Counsel at Stewart Smith Law Firm.
  • Juliana Spadaro: Marketing Director of Viostream, panel moderator.