We want to make video as impactful to your internal and corporate communications as it is in your personal life.

Our mission is to deliver business value to our customers by engaging their people through live and on-demand streaming, securely inside or outside the network.

Who we are

We simplify the sourcing, management and distribution of video to empower organisations to engage, with an integrated video streaming solution.

Driving meaningful engagement

Viostream partners with customers to effectively use our technology that helps engage audiences more effectively with streaming video.

Headquartered in Sydney, we work extensively across Australasia, with reach into international markets across Asia, United States, Europe and Africa.

With over a decade of experience, we have evolved to deliver enterprise-grade video solutions across the full video lifecycle; from creation and hosting, to distribution and interactive engagement. We tailor our solutions to deliver the outcomes you need to drive your business into the digital future.

Viostream in the Community

We're always interested in exploring new ways that we can contribute to the communities we operate in, and when we come across organisations that we can help by applying our technology, people or resources for a good outcome we get behind them.

Here is a snapshot of a few of the initiatives we put our muscle behind:

Viostream + Snowdome

Once a year we provide our live streaming services for the Snowdome 'Great Shake Up', a virtual fundraising event a bit like a modern day telethon, that sees hundreds of companies around the country watch the live stream from their boardrooms and donate money.

It's not a huge deal for us - just one event, but each year it helps Snowdome raise nearly half a million dollars just from a single live stream. So it's a big deal for them and a big deal for the Australians with blood cancer that we're indirectly helping.

“Our heartfelt thanks to Viostream for your ongoing support for the Snowdome Foundation.”

Miriam Dexter, CEO

Viostream + Stolen Generations

The Stolen Generations' Testimonies project, created by Melanie Hogan, and is an initiative to record on film the personal testimonies of Australia's Stolen Generations Survivors and share them online. By allowing Australians to listen to the Survivors' stories with open hearts and without judgement, it is hoped, more people will be engaged in the healing process. The project has been created with the aim of producing a national treasure and a sacred keeping place for Stolen Generations' Survivors testimonies.

“For those people who do feel challenged by the Stolen Generations' we ask you to listen to just one of the testimonies to see if you still feel the same. That's all we ask.”

Debra Hocking, Survivor

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