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Viostream is a business-oriented video hosting platform with unparalleled security and analytics tools. Our easy-to-use, reliable interface lets you focus on what really matters in your work.

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Who we are


Our online interface is easy to use and tailors to your needs.


Share your videos with the world or only a secured, select group.


Understand viewer engagement; use analytics to drive results

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Why Viostream

We’ve created a simple, but powerful tool that lets you manage, analyze, and maximize your video content in one place.

We never show ads during your videos. Instead, meaningfully engage your audience with call-to-action capabilities and understand engagement with Viostream dashboards and reports.

We offer single sign-on (SSO) and restriction options when you only want specific people to see your video. But if you want to make your video public, you can also share to website, social media, and more directly from Viostream.

Our platform practically eliminates buffering time and can integrate with an array of business intelligence and marketing tools.

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"Video is a very effective way of communicating quite a long message but in a short, visual, and easy to absorb type of way. Viostream lets you communicate quickly and effectively. We upload those videos in Viostream and we are able to create a hyperlink."

Caitlin Morris
Channel and Change Communications Associate - National Australia Bank

Video for your business goals

Video management

Our interface is easy to use and allows you to share and analyze your videos in one place. Our technology eliminates video buffering, keeping your viewers engaged.Viostream easily optimizes captions, alt text, color contrast, and more.

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Video sharing

Create branded portals that share a collection of videos with a specific audience. Or, embed your videos from Viostream to your website, social media, and more to share with the world. How you share your content and with whom is up to you.

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Video security

Viostream offers a single sign-on (SSO) to confirm someone works at your organization before they can watch your video. We also offer whitelisting, meaning you can restrict your videos to specific people or email domains for your entire company.

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Video analytics

You can analyze detailed data reports per video and review your overall engagement with built-in dashboards. Viostream also integrates with business intelligence and data tools.

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"The use of Viostream has allowed us to enter the digital age and play in the video space."

Jacquelyn Stevens
Director Digital Marketing - BUPA