Use playlists to tell your story

Create engaging video playlists that you can embed, share and update with a single click in the Viostream platform

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Embed once, grow your content easily

Create a Channel and select all the videos in your library that you would like to add. These videos will reside in a single Player and will play the entire list.

Share and embed a whole Channel just like any other video, it's as simple as that.

Adding more videos to your Channel is as easy as clicking a button in Viostream - no need to engage developers to update your website.

Speed up your website

Embedding multiple video players on a single webpage will slow down your website's load time and responsiveness as the browser loads up all the instances.

You can instead your videos into a single Channel that will load just one of our lightning quick Players on your page.


Build your content over time

Video series can be a great way to build repeat traffic to your site. When you use Viostream Channels, you can embed once and then build your content up over time, enticing your audience to keep coming back for more.

Even if you need to remove or replace videos within your Channel, you'll never need to modify your embed code - simply log into Viostream to rearrange your Channel.

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