A new level of live streaming

Finally, live and web streaming for more formal and professional settings.

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Why trust Viostream with streaming?

Viostream gives you worldwide reach for your live streaming and web streaming events, with minimal buffering and optimal security.

Our platform can accept multiple video input feeds. This
means that if one input goes down unexpectedly, your event is never interrupted.

You can broadcast both slide presentations
and speaker video simultaneously on all screen sizes.

We make it easy to stream real-time events to
anywhere in the world, with real-time captions.

How live streaming can meet your business goals

Mission-Critical Live Streaming

  • All of our live stream events accept multiple video input feeds. We will set up your event so that even if one of these video inputs fails, your event continues without interruption.

  • Our live streaming event concierge service provides extensive remote support before and after your event. We handle technical issues during your event and ensure a seamless experience for your viewers.

Customizable Event Templates

  • Viostream provides customizable event templates, allowing you to brand your event with your logo and colors.

  • A quick and easy way to invite viewers to your live events, without leaving Viostream.

  • Easily create a custom webpage for your event with our pre-made templates.


Guided Live Q&A

  • With Viostream, your viewers can submit their questions to you or your Live Stream Event Concierge. Approve the questions you wish to answer and display them when you're ready to respond.

  • Engage directly with remote users and answer their questions in real time.

  • Clarify content while you have the viewer’s attention.

Live Stream Event Concierge Service

  • We can provide remote expert support to guide you through your live stream event and handle technical concerns.

  • Our service includes rehearsals, pre-event testing, and support throughout the event.

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Corporate Communications

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