Make your site pop with video

Video is one of the most powerful tools in visual communication. Take your site to the next level with a Viostream embed.

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Create embed codes in seconds

We take the hassle out of adding video to your website, with simple, easy to use embed codes at the click of a button. With different options including scripts and iframes, it’s simple to embed a video in any web platform with Viostream.

You can even update your video without having to update your embed codes, saving you time and effort.

Lightning fast load times

We know that website load times matter - both for your audience, as well as for search engine rankings. A Viostream embed code is small - less than 5 KB - meaning that adding video to your site won’t affect the load time.

The Viostream Player, and your videos, are loaded in the background, making them ready to roll as soon as your audience presses “play”.

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Tell a story with Channels

Viostream embeds are flexible - you can embed just a single video, or a whole Channel of related content. Engage your audience with a series of interesting videos, screened all from the one place.

Bring your audience back to your site by adding more content to a Channel over time - all using the same embed code.

Works with your publishing platform

Viostream supports a wide range of web publishing platforms, and if your platform isn’t on the list, our Customer Success team is on call to help you get your embeds up and running.




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Explore more ways to use Viostream

Training and Learning

Never worry about losing your videos again. Embed once, grow your content easily. Understand your audience and track your viewers.

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Easily upload videos from anywhere. Brand your videos to your own style. Boost engagement with Calls to Action.

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Corporate Communications

Collaborate with all your users. Control your audience. Generate closed captions with 95%+ accuracy.

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