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Video Is A Marketer’s Best Friend

Wyzowl has released an annual State of Video Marketing survey every year since 2015. The survey charts usage, spend, channels, and opinions among video marketers and consumers.

The following quotes are from a Blogspot Blog about Wyzowl's 2020State of Video Marketing Survey.

Video Is A Marketer’s Best Friend

Wyzowl has released an annual State of Video Marketing survey every year since 2015. The survey charts usage, spend, channels, and opinions among video marketers and consumers.

The following quotes are from a Blogspot Blog about Wyzowl's 2020State of Video Marketing Survey.

Video Produces A Positive ROI

“Perhaps most strikingly, 87% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI — a world away from the lowly33% who felt that way in 2015.”

Video Produces Sales

“Nearly eight out of ten marketers feel that video has a direct, positive impact on sales.”

Video Helps Users Understand Your Product Or Service

“94% of marketers agree that videos have helped increase user understanding of their product or service, with 43% reporting that video has reduced the number of product support calls their company has received.”

Video Has Become A Critical Marketing Tool

And It’s Increasingly Important Every Year

Build Brand Awareness

  • Leverage storytelling to bring your brand to life.
  • Develop buzz for your brand with a creative video strategy.
  • Get in front of your target audience and get known.
  • Use Viostream’s video social syndication to drive engagement and build a larger audience.
  • Viostream’s Engagement Scoring gauge shows you what’s working, and helps you improve your video strategy.
  • Use Viostream’s video analytics in your marketing to leverage data about real audience interests.

Generate More Leads

  • Build lead funnels powered by video.
  • Support your buyer journey with video lead funnels.
  • Build video channels (like a playlist) to move prospects into and through lead funnels.
  • Use Viostream’s video social syndication to drive engagement and build a larger audience.
  • Move prospects along the buyer journey by recommending the next video for them to view.
  • Embed Calls To Action into your video. Capture viewer interest at the real-time point of interest during video viewing. This is much more effective than just having aCTA on the landing page or at the end of the video.
  • Track response to Calls To Action within Viostream analytics.
  • Create video campaigns based on real data.
  • You can track individual users watching your video or repeat watchers of your videos. That makes it easy to design hyper-focused follow-up video campaigns.
  • Capture leads by requiring user registrations for targeted live streaming events.

Improve Targeting With Analytics

  • Viostream’s analytics make it easier to improve conversion of your video lead funnels.
  • Don’t just guess about your audience. Viostream’s analytics tell you in depth what your customers care about, and what video captures the peak interest of viewers.
  • The three key elements of video marketing are to track, understand, and improve viewer engagement. Viostream delivers the tracking that helps you understand and improve engagement.

Video Heat Maps Give Real-Time Insights

  • Viostream heat maps (like website heat maps)show you user’s behavior while viewing your video. Know how viewers engage with the videos you produce.
  • The heatmap shows what parts of a video users rewatch, pause, or skip.
  • Know where they scroll or click, and where they are experiencing errors.
  • Most importantly, you can track where on the video most viewers drop off. That makes it easier for you to respond proactively.

With Those Insights, Improve Video Results

  • Viostream’s analytics provide insights on viewer behavior that help you improve your video.
  • If segments of the video are confusing, you can clear up the confusion.
  • Identify the optimal length for your videos based on user data.
  • Segment your audience by identifying viewers who are actually interested in watching your videos. Take that information and optimize your videos to increase that interest.
  • Uncover marketing opportunities within your analytics data.

Grab Attention With Live Streaming

  • Use live streaming to create buzz and excitement about product announcements.
  • Share the story of your business with live streaming.
  • Create a series of live events that target the interests and needs of your audience.
  • “Humanize” your company using live events so your audience feels like you’re “family”.
  • Analytics show you exactly what your audience is interested in so you can more precisely target their needs. Take that information and create live events that your audience is delighted to engage with.

Improve Social Strategy With Video

  • Use Viostream’s social syndication to instantly connect your Viostream videos to your LinkedIn, Facebook, andYouTube.
  • Know exactly which video assets are embedded in social media platforms. Know where they are.
  • Be completely in control of new versions of video. When you upload a new version of video, it’s fast and easy to push the updates into your social platform.
  • Every action on a video is automatically logged. You have a permanent record when you upload a new version and push it onto social—or perform any other activity with your video.

Bring Products To Life

  • Use video to do product demonstrations thats how how your product is superior to the competition. Help consumers understand how your product works, and why they might want to buy.
  • Showcase unique features of your product to excite potential buyers.
  • Humanize your product and create audience engagement with creative video campaigns.
  • Inject amusing, lighthearted, and compelling content into your video campaigns.
  • Develop shareable video content that touches your audience.
  • Directly track audience engagement measured on Viostream’s Audience Engagement gauge.

Tell The Story Of Your Business

  • Customers prefer businesses that they resonate with. Video storytelling is your best tool to create that resonance.
  • Authenticity is quite influential to consumers. Use video to create an authentic and compelling story.Capture why your audience should care about your product, service, or organization.
  • Inspiration increases resonance. Communicate the story behind your business and offerings in a way that inspires your audience.
  • When consumers hear an inspiring story, the emotions you evoke can persuade them to make purchasing decisions.

Embed Calls To Action Into Video

  • Embed Calls To Action (CTAs) at exactly the point of the video where a viewer is ready to take action.
  • Using video heatmap data, it’s easy to identify the ideal location in your video for the CTA.
  • Tailor the CTAs to get audience segmentation.Let them self select what applies best to them.

Create New Audiences With Virtual Or Hybrid Events

  • The world is going virtual. People can’t justify air fares and accommodations, but want to attend your event. Don’t lose out because of the shift to virtual.
  • Create additional revenue streams with virtual or hybrid events. With Viostream, you can go virtual or go hybrid (in-person events that are also live streamed). Live streaming will not replace in-person events, but you can use two-tiered pricing. 
  • Give your audience a front-row seat—even though they’re across the country—or on the other side of the world.

Port Video Data Into Business Intelligence (BI) Tool

  • Viostream is the only video platform that can export your video data into your BI tool.
  • By being able to include your video data in your BI tool, you can get the full picture of your marketing campaigns. All the data can be viewed together. You’re no longer “piecing” the data together and attempting to see how video is performing compared to other marketing channels.
  • With all the data in one tool, it’s easier to spot market trends and identify opportunities. 

Port Video Data Into Business Intelligence (BI) Tool

  • With all the data in one tool, it’s easier to spot market trends and identify opportunities.
  • With the video data included in BI, you can see how results from your video campaign compare to results from other campaigns.
  • Get a deeper understanding of your customer behavior when video data can be compared within the BI tool.
  • You can configure this exportation to happen automatically on a schedule of your own choosing.

Integrate With Your CRM

  • Viostream can be easily integrated with your CustomerRelationship Manager (CRM) using our Script or Iframe embeds.
  • Once the integration is complete, it means that your videos from Viostream can be added to the CRM website pages that are created or managed through that system.
  • This allows users to mix Viostream video content with the already existing content of your CRM systems.

Video data that makes a difference

"Viostream demonstrated the data that which audience segment was interested in what topic. This allowed us to develop deeper video content, relevant to each segement interests & exploded our audience & company brand."

Rebecca Madison, Director of Marketing


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