Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that makes the most sense for the size and scope of your video projects. It can be helpful to think about how many users will need access, how much video you wish to store, and how many audiences you're trying to reach.

*USD billed monthly
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For a single user starting out in video who needs additional security.

Key Features

50 hours of video

1 User

Unlimited video embeds

Basic video sharing page

Video interactivity (CTAs & video chaptering)

Basic video analytics

*USD billed monthly
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For teams who use video for a small number of projects or a single audience and need additional security.

Key Features

150 hours of video

Unlimited users

All other features in Starter

One customizable video portal

Branded video sharing page options

Custom players

Advanced video analytics

*USD billed monthly
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For teams or organizations using video for a variety of projects and/or audiences and need additional security.

Key Features

500 hours of video

Unlimited users

Multiple customizable video portals

User-generated video portals

All other features in Starter

SSO login capability

Priority Live Chat Support

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Power your video strategy with a scalable platform that’s built for business.
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Custom Video Solutions

Unlimited embeds, security, team controls, API access, and more.

Live Streaming

The most reliable and high-quality stream for your highest priority live streams, like investor updates or company announcements.

BI Tool Integration

Connect your Viostream instance to your favorite Business Intelligence tool to supercharge your analytics.

Data Sovereignty

Your video is subject to the laws and governance of the nation where it is stored. Avoid legal issues and maintain compliance by storing data within your country boundaries.


Best-in-class tools to support your work

BI Integration

Combine your video analytics with marketing, sales, and support data within your Business Intelligence Tool.

Location Reports

Understand how people from different areas of the globe engage with your videos.

Viewer Reports

Measure, track, and report on who is watching which videos.

Media Reports

See video performance, engagement, and viewing patterns.

Technology Reports

See what devices your audience are using, allowing you to optimize your video for mobile, desktop or tablet.

Event Reports

View event performance, audience engagement, viewing patterns for video-based programs.

Secure Video Portals

Build video portals for different audiences (executives, managers, or HR) and securely present video playlists to exact the audience you want.

Control Viewer Access

Securely control all learning & training content with either Single Sign On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), or preregistered login (by email).

Control Video Locations

Viostream’s domain and subdomain restrictions, allow you to control the domain publish locations. Sensitive training videos can only be published according to your restrictions.

Restricted Videos

Video can be restricted by IP address—which means that users must be on the corporate network, in the office, or be logged into the network VPN.

Track Video History

Detailed audit logs enable you to quickly view video change history (upload, publication, and sharing preferences) by user.

Data Sovereignty

Keep your video, viewer, user data securely stored in your country, under your law.

Live Streaming

Grow your event audience with secure, high quality video. Capture new geographic regions with hybrid event delivery.

Account Management

Easily manage your user permissions, video access and authorizations within our central control panel.

Scalable Platform

Ensure that your videos aren't compromised by high traffic volumes or that your video quality is degraded.

Global Distribution

Deliver you video to a global audience with our secure content delivery network.

Video Tagging

Quickly filter and sort videos by topic, keyword, or publisher with our video management function.

Video Library

Embed custom video channels & automatically publish new videos by topic to a secure video portal.

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Try for free
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Video Creation & Hosting
No Ads (Ever) During Videos
Link and Social Sharing
Video Embeds
Scheduled Video Release
Video Expiry
Video Player
Calls To Action
Video Chaptering
Video Portals
User Generated Video Portal
Live Streaming
Optional Upgrade
Video Analytics
View Notifications
Video View Count
User Level Tracking
Data Reporting
Integration to Business Intelligence Tools
Optional Upgrade
Video Security
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Viewer Access Request
Viewer Login
Viewer Restriction Profiles
Single-Sign On (SSO) Mechanism
10 Profiles
Data Sovereignty
Optional Upgrade
Video Accessibility
ADA & WCAG 2.0 Compliant
Thumbnail Creation
Caption & Transcript Uploads
Automatic Speech Recognition
Human Generated Captions
Video Creation
Record & Upload (coming soon!)
Chrome Extension (coming soon!)
Cloud Uploads
3rd Party Contributor Uploads
Bulk Upload Support
User Management & Support
Manage Users
User Roles
Live chat
Live chat
Dedicated rep.

What our users say

Viostream lets you communicate quickly and effectively

"Video is a very effective way of communicating quite a long message but in a short, visual, and easy to absorb type of way. We upload those videos in Viostream and we are able to create a hyperlink."

Easy to use and allows for creativity

"Viostream has given us the tools, the tools of ease. With Viostream we found we can use video in a much more flexible way."

Modernize and advance work through video

"The use of Viostream has allowed us to enter the digital age and play in the video space."

We've been able to collaborate in innovative ways

"I run Amplify (AMP's festival) on a really tiny budget. (Viostream) has been a great partner for many years."

Annalie Killian

Viostream will take care of everything

"We need to work with someone secure and reliable...It is extremely important to have someone reliable and trusted in providing our video content. It takes the stress off of me. I don’t have to worry about any issues..."

Jeva Centeno
QBE Insurance

Common Questions

Which plan should I choose?

Choose the plan that makes the most sense for the size and scope of your video projects. It can be helpful to think about

1) how many users will need access,
2) how much video you wish to store, and
3) how many audiences you're trying to reach and whether they are internal or external to your team.

If you are the only person using the platform, go with the Starter plan. If you need multiple users but use video for one or two projects, choose Essential. If you have a team or organization using video for multiple projects spanning different audiences, choose Business.

Why should I choose Viostream to manage my video?

Unlike other video management platforms, Viostream was built for security-minded businesses and organizations. With Viostream, you have much more control over access to your video content, plus the ability to analyze video data and share your content using our built-in portals.

Can I get a demo before I start my free trial or plan?

Yes! We would love to chat with you over a video or phone call to better understand your needs and answer your questions. Please use our online scheduler to a a meeting with our team.

How does Viostream compare to other video platforms?

Unlike many other video management platforms, Viostream makes security a priority for every pricing plan we offer; we think being able to control access to your video is a non-negotiable. To see how we stack up to other video platforms, check out our Comparisons page.

I'm not ready to talk to someone or start, but want to learn more. What should I do?

We encourage you to watch our 90-second overview video of the Viostream platform; it's a great place to start! Or, if you need more detailed information about our features, download our free guide to buying a video platform. It includes a handy checklist to compare and contrast different vendors.