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Viostream’s video analytics give you the tools to increase engagement with your audience.

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Our video analytics features

The Viostream video platform gives you complete control over your video analytics data.

With a dashboard-style interface, it’s easy to understand and interpret your data.

Drill into the details of a specific video's engagement, or assess your  strategies across multiple videos

Enhance the potential of your video

Graphic engagement meter

When you can see and understand video engagement in real time, you can quickly take action to replace low engagement content with high-engagement content. Insert video calls-to-action into high-engagement video.

Export your data to other tools

Export video analytics data directly into your Business Intelligence (BI) via simple integrations.

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"Video is a very effective way of communicating quite a long message but in a short, visual, and easy to absorb type of way. Viostream lets you communicate quickly and effectively. We upload those videos in Viostream and we are able to create a hyperlink."

Caitlin Morris
Channel and Change Communications Associate - National Australia Bank

Video heat map

Video heat map shows you exactly what actions users take when interacting with your video. See what they focus on, where they click, and more.

Video reports

  • Video Media Reports—Understand engagement and heat map data.

  • Video Viewers Reports—Know who is watching, what they’re watching, when they’re watching, and where they are located.

  • Events and Portals Reports—Provides reports on all the details of your events, and what happens in your portals.

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"The use of Viostream has allowed us to enter the digital age and play in the video space."

Jacquelyn Stevens
Digital Content Manager - BUPA

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Training and Learning

Create engaging video learning curriculums that integrate easily with other learning platforms. Use real-time analytics to monitor and understand your learner's behavior.

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Guide your audience journey, build lead funnels, and understand individual users of your videos. Then, easily develop hyper-focused follow-up video campaigns.

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Corporate Communications

Use video to share internal information with a specific audience or publicize important news. Our security features include domain whitelisting, single sign-on (SSO), and more.

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