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Scalable Platform
Deliver outstanding video, regardless of viewer numbers or location with our secure global content delivery network.
Secure Video Libraries
Publish with confidence for specific teams, departments or seniority levels with our secure video portals.
Simple Event Pages
Leverage pre-prepared event templates & registration pages to quickly prepare your next event.
Live Streaming
Harness the power of live streaming to connect & engage your audience with speaker briefs, presentations & live Q&A.
Advanced Analytics
Monitor video engagement & viewer interest by email registrations, geographic regions within your analytics platform.
Viewer Registrations
Collect & manage viewer registrations through our dedicated event portal that is easily customized to your company.

Live Stream Organization - Wide Goals and Strategy

  • Create a series of live events that internally communicate organization-wide information.
  • The LMS is not built to manage the large size of video files.
  • Use live streaming to engage your employees and get them aligned with goals and strategy.
  • Viostream's video analytics show you exactly how your audience receives and responds to the information. The data can help you more precisely target exactly what communications are working, and which need to be improved.
  • Create communications that produce the type of engagement and excitement that motivates your audience.

Develop Robust Internal And External Video Communications Strategy

  • Viostream makes it easy to design and execute a video communications strategy. Use video portals and playlists to communicate needed information to specific audiences. Control audience access to ensure that your strategy is delivered as you designed it.
  • Know exactly how well your video communications strategy is working using Viostream's video analytics. The video heatmap shows you how a user consumes your videos.  

Use Secure Video Portals To Manage Messaging Audiences

  • Viostream's video portals and video playlists provide maximum flexibility for corporate communications. It's easy to set up a different video portal for each of your audiences:
    • Customers 
    • Employees
    • External stakeholders (investors, or partners)
  • Viostream provides a strong set of controls for who can view video content.
    • You can control access by requiring the user to be registered.
    • You can require employees to sign in only on your network to be able to view your videos.
    • You can limit viewers to only specific IP addresses.

Be Confident With Crash-Proof, Automatically-Scaling Video Platform

  • The Viostream live streaming platform automatically scales for size of audience. You have no worries that the platform is going to crash.
  • If you unexpectedly have a huge audience influx, Viostream scales invisibly in the background.
  • Viostream similarly automatically scales for audience size changes of Graphic (both drop-offs and increases) for video viewing.
  • If live streaming or video goes viral, you will not crash your video assets, or your video portal.
  • Yes, you'll increase your bill for usage, but without embarrassing crashes.

Use Video To Promote Culture Change Programs

  • Culture change communication sets a new standard for the entire organization. Typically this starts from the top and needs to be rolled out effectively. 
  • With Viostream, corporate communications can create a whole campaign to support culture change. Combining live streaming and video assets, you can set up support information that “goes live" exactly when it's needed. 
  • You can require registration to track video "consumption" and take action when you're not getting the response needed.
  • Viostream's analytics can tell you the engagement level of your audience. You can take action quickly to revise the content to increase engagement.
  • Know where your users engage and disengage. 

Quickly Set Up New Microsites With Simple Event Pages

Typically setting up event pages is laborious, requiring 8-10 steps to build. Viostream only takes a few minutes for you to set up a microsite to promote events.

  • Viostream provides templates so it's quick and easy to set up events. You don't have to start from scratch. Just select a template, fill in the information, and publish.
  • Brand the template in advance so all event pages have the same look and feel.
  • This is the gateway to livestreaming. 

Use Video Analytics To Monitor And Improve Engagement

  • Viostream's analytics make it easy to know the consumption patterns of your various audiences.
  • You don't have to guess about what your audience finds most engaging. Viostream's analytics tell you in depth what video captures the peak interest of viewers.
  • The three key elements of video marketing are to track, understand, and improve viewer engagement. Viostream delivers the tracking that helps you understand viewer engagement so you can improve it.

Video Heat Maps Give Real-Time Insights

Viostream heat maps (like website heat maps) show you audience behavior while viewing your video.

  • The heat map shows what parts of a video cause users to - rewatch, pause, or skip.
  • The heat map shows you where users scroll or click, and when the user experience serves up an error.
  • Most importantly, you can know exactly where on the video most i viewers drop off. Armed with that data, you can fix the problem.

With Those Insights, Improve Video Results:

Viostream's analytics provide behavioral insights that help you improve your video.

  • You can identify where a video gets confusing, and fix the problem.
  • With user data, it's easy to identify the optimal length for your videos (based on apparent attention span).
  • You can know exactly who is consuming your videos and how much they are consuming. With that information, it's easy to optimize videos to increase interest.

Building Audience Connection

"Viostream saved our company so much time on our live event streaming. Now we have more time to focus on event content & delivering the best possible presentation for our audience."

Katrina Blair, Head of Production


Viewer registrations using the Viostream event portal.

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