Share videos easily and securely

Viostream’s video sharing platform—combined with security
features—allows you to securely control your messaging.

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Why trust video sharing to Viostream?

Viostream video platform gives you robust tools to share your content with only a specific group or share it with the world.

Create portals and channels (playlists) to curate your content for audience segmentation and meaningful engagement.

We offer single sign-on (SSO) and restriction options when you only want specific people to see your video.

When you do want to make your content public, promote your messaging by embedding video in website, social media, blog, and email.

Achieve your highest-order goals

Video portals

  • Set up video portals for each of your audiences.

  • Upload group-specific video content to each portal.

  • Create portals where users or audience members can upload their own videos, like submissions for team-building projects or engagements from your audience.

  • Provide video portals for both internal and external viewers.

Video embeds

  • Embed video on your website, social media, and blog.

  • Share a single video or an entire playlist or portal.


Branded video sharing

  • Brand your embedded video player with your company colors.

  • Add your logo and business name into a corner of the video to protect your brand copyright.

Social syndication

  • Embed your videos into social media to get your message out.

  • When you update a video in your Viostream library, it automatically creates everything you need to embed it, if you choose to do so.

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Explore more ways to use Viostream

Training and Learning

Create engaging video learning curriculums that integrate easily with other learning platforms. Use real-time analytics to monitor and understand your learner's behavior.

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Guide your audience journey, build lead funnels, and understand individual users of your videos. Then, easily develop hyper-focused follow-up video campaigns.

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Corporate Communications

Use video to share internal information with a specific audience or publicize important news. Our security features include domain whitelisting, single sign-on (SSO), and more.

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