The easy way to reach your audience

With a multitude of hosting options, Viostream allows you to share your content quickly tailored to your needs.

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Share and embed in seconds

As soon as your video is finished uploading into Viostream, grab that share URL link or embed code publish it immediately.

Paste your embed code into your existing site and Viostream's player will be ready to load. Alternatively, sharing a share page link will automatically load the video on a branded page for your audience.

Brand your videos to your own style

The basic share page contains your video on a white page or you can create share pages branded with your own theme and logo to fit your business.

This customization even extends to our own Player, where can control UI elements and the color theme.

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Create your own video playlists

Going beyond a basic share page for one video, you can create and publish entire multi-paged media playlists by using Viostream Channels.

Of course, these too can be branded with your own colors and assets.

Choose and control your audience

Don't stress about sending content out to the wrong people. You can set up custom audiences from within Viostream that will limit playback to applicable viewers.

These audiences can be created in advance and can be applied to your individual videos as soon as they are uploaded.


Explore more ways to use Viostream

Training and Learning

Never worry about losing your videos again. Embed once, grow your content easily. Understand your audience and track your viewers.

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Easily upload videos from anywhere. Brand your videos to your own style. Boost engagement with Calls to Action.

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Corporate Communications

Collaborate with all your users. Control your audience. Generate closed captions with 95%+ accuracy.

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