South32: making secure investor communications easy

South32 streamlined communications with their board and investors using secure video


  • South32's board is globally distributed, with time zone differences making it difficult to schedule real-time updates
  • Commercial-in-confidence information needs to be delivered to both the board and other internal stakeholders
  • South32's cyber security policy mandates an Australian-hosted solution for data storage


  • South32 produce comprehensive video updates for the board, enabling asynchronous knowledge transfer
  • Viostream's suite of video security features gave South32's cyber security team the confidence to use the Viostream platform to communicate sensitive board-level information
  • All South32 data, including videos, metadata and user information is hosted exclusively within Australia in ISO-27001 certified facilities


  • South32 was able to streamline their internal board communications, eliminating the need for excessive real time meetings whilst protecting the confidentiality of their information
About South32

South32 is a mining and metals company with operations across four continents. It was spun out of BHP Billiton in 2005 and has revenue of over $6 billion. They produce 10 commodities including aluminium, zinc and copper. Headquartered in Australia, South32's board of directors comprises members based across the globe.