Keep your hard (video) work safe

Viostream’s video security features give you multiple
tools to protect your video assets.

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Why trust video security to Viostream?

Viostream video platform provides a multi-pronged approach to secure video hosting.

Control access to video on your enterprise network.

Ensure that only “approved” viewers can watch a video or
event, or access a video portal.

Restrict video access to only certain IP addresses or location
of viewers.

Limit embedding of your video to only certain whitelisted

Ensure that your video content is confined to specific
countries where it is legally compliant.

How we secure your video

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) helps you control access to your enterprise network and applications with one sign on. With Viostream, you can restrict access to your video portals and platform logins. Only the users you allow are able to see, edit, and work with your video.

User registration for secure video

Allows you to not only manage who can view your video content, but also enables you to know when someone completed a video or how much of a video they actually watched.

Domain whitelisting

Restrict which websites can embed your videos. It’s easy to set the whitelisting as a default, and not have to worry about your video being embedded outside that whitelist.


IP and geographic restrictions

  • Restrict video access to certain whitelisted IP addresses.

  • Grant access to a single viewer or a limited number of viewers.

  • Restrict video playing to your corporate network (either your office location or corporate VPN).

Data sovereignty

  • Data sovereignty means that data is subject to the laws and governance of the nation where it is collected.

  • With Viostream’s data sovereignty function, your data never leaves your country boundaries, or the country boundaries that you specify.

  • You don’t worry about incurring liability by inadvertently breaking a law or violating a legal procedure.

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