Jun 1, 2023

5 Ways to Expand the Audience for Your Live Events

In today's digital age, businesses are leveraging live streaming to deliver their events such as annual general meetings (AGM). Engaging a larger audience is crucial to the success of an event, and companies are constantly seeking ways to grow their audience reach. This article provides five tips to help you expand the audience for your live events.

1. Create a Hybrid Event

A hybrid event combines the power of a live event with a webcast, ensuring wider reach and accessibility for your audience for those that can’t attend on location. Live streaming is ultimately broad, with the ability to reach audiences all around the world.

Combine and mix in pre-recorded video content with your mixing desk to deliver the most optimized event experience possible.

By using a platform like Viostream, you can create a seamless hybrid event experience for your audience. Viostream's advanced features help you deliver your webcast, with the ability to engage viewer registration to control who can access the event page.

2. Enhance Audience Interaction with Polls and Q&A

Interactive elements like polls and Q&A chats can significantly increase audience engagement during a live event. These tools encourage active participation from your audience, ensuring that they remain involved and interested in the event.


Integrating polls into your live event allows you to gather real-time feedback from your audience. Viostream's platform supports the integration of polls, allowing you to collect valuable insights from your audience with ease.

Q&A Chat

A Q&A gives your audience a voice to ask questions and share their thoughts during the live event. This interactive element fosters a sense of community and encourages active participation from your audience.

3. Record the Event and Host it as Video on Demand (VOD)

Recording your live event and hosting it as a VOD will allow your content to be experience by those who are unavailable during the time of the live event. This is especially useful when hosting an event whose audience will be located in different timezones.

Viostream's VOD Support

Viostream's event pages can host the VOD content after an event has concluded by uploading the footage into the library, and placing it within the same event page that the live stream took place in. Avoid having to re-send viewing links.

4. Host the Event on a Branded Site

Hosting your live event on a branded site can help you create a professional and memorable experience for your audience. A branded site allows you to showcase your company's identity and reinforce your brand message throughout the event.

Viostream's Branded Site Support

Viostream's platform enables you to create a branded site for your live event, offering customization options that allow you to incorporate your company's logo and colors. This ensures that your event is visually consistent with your brand identity and offers a seamless user experience for your audience.

5. Share the Event via Email to Reach a Wide Audience

Sharing your live event via email is key to bulk inviting large audiences with just a simple link. Email marketing enables you to target specific segments of your audience, ensuring that your event reaches the right people.

Viostream's Email Integration

We now provide sharing via email directly from within the Viostream platform! Simply create your event or upload your video, click share, and include your email list.


Expanding your audience reach is crucial to the success of your live events. By implementing these five tips and leveraging the advanced features of Viostream, you can create engaging and accessible events that cater to a larger audience. 

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Paul Vecchiato
Paul Vecchiato (Chief Technology Officer) has been delivering value to users through video products for 15+ years
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