How to Add a Video Library to Your Website

How to Add a Video Library to Your Website

Adding video to your website can have a dramatic impact on sales. Research shows the average conversion rate for websites that use video is 4.8 percent compared to just 2.8 percent for those that don't.

Adding a video or two to your landing or product pages is an incredible way to move customers through your sales and marketing funnels; you can read some of our best practices here. But what about an entire video library? Imagine you had a dedicated space on your website to display all your videos in one place. If you use an online video platform like Viostream, you can achieve this goal in a few simple steps.

In this guide, learn how to add a video library to your website and discover how Viostream makes this process even simpler.

Organize Your Videos

If you are like most companies, you probably have hundreds (if not thousands) of videos from over the years on various parts of your website, as well as additional video content on blogs, social media channels, and physical devices.

It might take a while, but you must decide on which pieces of visual content will be the most beneficial to add to your website library. Perhaps you want to create a video portal that displays all your instructional videos or product demos. Maybe you need a place to store old webinars--your audience might still get value from this content!

Convert Your Videos into the Right Format

Unfortunately, adding videos to your website isn't always easy. Videos recorded on different devices may be recorded in mismatched file formats which may affect how they appear on your website. Furthermore, not all video players can play all files, which can further complicate the process of making all your videos display and play uniformly.

Transcoding, or converting different audio and video files into a usable format for your library, is the best way to solve this problem. You'll need video encoding hardware, or software like Wirecast or Adobe Media Encoder, to execute the process.

Choose an Online Video Platform

Once you have transcoded your video files, it's time to choose an online platform to host your video library so you can add it to your website. Some platforms like Viostream support all major file formats so you can upload video files direct to the internet, skip the transcoding step, and incorporate a library into your site quickly. These tools require no code so you can connect your library to your site with no programming knowledge.

Be sure to choose a platform that lets you add content to your library easily over time. For example, adding recordings of virtual conferences and meetings to your library can be very beneficial for people who couldn't attend the live event. Or you can create new and exclusive content to optimize your video-on-demand strategy.

Pick a Template

Most online video platforms let you create templates for your video library. This is the fun part! Think about the way you want your library to look. How many videos do you want to keep on a page? Do you have a particular color scheme in mind? What font do you want the video descriptions to be?

The best online video platforms have various templates that you can customize just the way you like. Choose templates that reflect the design of your existing web pages, or pick a style that incorporates your branding or company colors.


HTML5 is a technology that lets viewers watch your video library from any browser or device without downloading extra software. This process makes it much easier for people to engage with your content.

Choose a video platform that lets you embed HTML5 videos into your library. Doing this ensures glitch-free playback and enhances the viewing experience.

How Viostream Helps

Want to learn more about adding a video library to your website? Look no further than Viostream, the online video solution for governments and businesses that want to optimize external communications.

With Viostream, you can create branded video galleries where viewers can find all your content in one hub. Because these galleries use HTML5, your audience can access content from any browser or device. You can customize these galleries the way you like with beautifully designed templates.

If security is a concern, restrict access to your branded galleries with features such as email registration, single sign-on, and social registration.

Here are some other benefits of Viostream for external communications:

  • Host live streams to supplement your branded video galleries and engage your audience in real-time.
  • Embed videos on social channels and blogs, as well as your website.
  • Improve accessibility by adding transcriptions and closed captions to videos in branded galleries.
  • Generate real-time analytics about videos in galleries to determine your most popular videos
  • Integrate Viostream with a third-party web service or BI tool for improved insight

Final Word

Adding a video library or branded gallery to your website has never been easier when you use an online platform like Viostream. It's a great way to store video content and make it accessible to an enormous audience. Follow the tips above and create your own library without the stress.

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Stuart Auld
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