Jul 5, 2024

How to Add a Video Library to Your Website

Adding video to your website can have a dramatic impact on sales. Research shows the average conversion rate for websites that use video is 71% higher than sites that don't use any video. Viostream customers such as Magellan have seen sales performance increases of 28% thanks to tailored video.

Adding a video or two to your landing or product pages is an incredible way to move customers through your sales and marketing funnels, but what about an entire video library?

Organize Your Videos

If you are like most companies, you probably have hundreds (if not thousands) of videos from over the years produced for a range of projects and video series. Getting videos embedded into your website is easy with hosting platforms such as Viostream, but if you try to embed hundreds of videos individually, this will take a long time and slow your webpage down.

By embedding a video library once, you can then manage all the video content from the Viostream side without having to re-embed each video into your website's HTML. 

Consolidating your videos into a single video library will drastically improve your organization in every aspect of sharing video content on your website.

Choose an Online Video Platform

Uploading and hosting MP4 renders directly into your website won’t work effectively as the files are too large to stream online. Video hosting platforms like Viostream are designed from the ground up to optimize the quality and playback speed for your audience on any network.

This is important when you embed a video library into your webpage because you will want your audience to be able to stream all your videos without interruptions.

Additionally, you will also want a hosting platform that provides a range of features for you to customize and manage your video library. Viostream for example allows you to easily brand the library with your company logos and colors, create different pages for each of your video series, add and remove videos to the library seamlessly, and report on all your videos through the library report filter.

Pick a Template

Do you want your video library to be displayed as a single player with your video selection scrolling in a carousel along the bottom? How about the videos scrolling vertically along the side? Maybe you would like the option to have multiple pages and multiple video series in one?

Viostream provides a range of flexible templates for you to select and swap between when embedding your video library. Both provide additional features such as user sign-in and complete customization.

How Viostream Helps

Create branded video libraries with Viostream Channel Templates, where viewers can find all your content in one hub. These galleries use HTML5, and so your audience can access content from any browser or device. You can customize these galleries the way you like with beautifully designed templates complete with your company's logo, colors, and preferred font.

If security is a concern, restrict access to your embedded video libraries with features such as viewer registration, restriction profiles, and password protection.

Adding a video library to your website has never been easier. It's a great way to deliver and manage video content directly in your website with just a single embed code. If you would like to discover how video libraries can elevate your website, you can book a free consultation with our video expert team to discuss your goals and requirements.

Stuart Auld
Stuart Auld (Head of Infrastructure) is a multi-disciplinary engineer with broad-ranging experience at executive level delivering operational best practice across customer engagement, technology, change management and process improvement.
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