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    Introducing Next Generation Closed Captioning with Viostream

    At Viostream, we believe in fair accessibility. No matter your location, internet speed, or physical ability, every employee and organization member should be able to get the information they need to do their job free of any obstacles. That's why we are so thrilled to introduce our next-generation, AI-powered captioning capability, now available for any new video uploaded to your Viostream library.

    Automatic Captions

    This new capability generates ‘automatic’ captions every time you upload a video via a machine learning service. It analyzes your video and converts the speech to text, generating a ‘draft’ for you to review. Our best in-class, in-house developed caption editor then allows you to easily preview and publish your draft.

    All phrases with ‘potential issues’ are highlighted in red, allowing you to easily identify and rectify these problems, as you can see in the example below.

    This editor will soon be available for all existing captions on current Viostream accounts.

    Premium Captions

    In addition to provided complimentary automatic captions, we have completely re-imagined our Premium Captions workflow, making it easier than ever to order customized, human-generated caption files. This efficient and valuable service is performed by by captioning experts and generates a 99.9% accurate first draft caption file for your video. The file returned to you will be WCAG 2.0 AA compliant. Additional fees apply.

    For more information about our captioning options or to start your free 30-day trial, contact us today.

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