Corporate Communication
Feb 27, 2023

Using Video to Communicate with your Investors

Connecting with your investors is paramount to a company's growth and success. Not just for discussing returns from equity, having transparent contact with the investors makes sure that company goals, updates, wins, losses, shares, risks, opportunities, etc. are clearly understood so that all parties are on the same page regarding the company's standing. Clear communication is key to clear cooperation and understanding.

Many companies may communicate with their investors in different ways. It could range from the CEO of a small company reaching out directly, to large Investor Relation teams of a company holding frequent meetings and sending out continuous emails. Regardless of the scale of Investor Relations within a company, the goal should be to produce clear messages that can be understood easily and efficiently. 

Video is the key

Emails are slow and easy to ignore and miss. When reaching out to investors, you’ll want to make sure that the content is easy to find, accessible, efficient to ingest, and engaging. Text alone has been shown to be less effective in driving engagement than video content.

While similar to both external and internal communications, Investor communications definitely leans more towards internal since security and audience control is highly required. Read our article on internal communication for a breakdown of how video can be used in different ways depending on the category of internal communication.

For investors, video has the enormous benefit of providing information in a range of different formats including audio, footage, text, graphs, animations among others. Intaking information while utilising multiple senses has been shown to improve memory and neural connections built from that information. Not only is video content a more efficient information medium, but it’s easier than ever to manage thanks to modern video hosting solutions such as Viostream. Modern video hosting platforms are filled with features to simplify your video business requirement, such as:

  • Uploading from local device or cloud storage
  • Easy sharing and embedding links
  • Shareable download links
  • Detailed analytics
  • Brandable share pages and players
  • Multi-encoder for smooth playback on any internet connection
  • Advanced security and audience settings
  • Password protection
  • Simple video and user management
  • SSO

For investor communication, you need to make sure that only the right people are seeing your insider video content and that those videos cannot be seen by the wider public. This can be easily achieved with Viostream.

How Viostream secures your videos

Content with important information regarding the internal workings of a company should be secure and safe from prying eyes. This is why a platform like YouTube is not a suitable replacement for a business oriented video platform.

In order to control video content, your chosen video platform must sufficiently provide security settings that allow audience control. Viostream has a multitude of security systems in place that facilitates this.

  • Restriction Profiles. Choose between IP whitelisting to restrict video content to only be viewed on specific networks, Domain whitelisting to allow video content to only be played back on certain pages, and Geo restrictions to control what country content can be viewed from
  • Password Protection. Assign custom passwords to any video so that the audience will be required to input the correct password in order to play back the content
  • Viewer Registration. Some features within Viostream can have viewer registration turned on, which will require the audience to register with an email and password to view the content. Registrations will be managed by Viostream admins

You can start today by creating a free Viostream account. Explore the capabilities of the platform, and reach out to our success team through the platform’s live-chat.

Paul Vecchiato
Paul Vecchiato (Chief Technology Officer) has been delivering value to users through video products for 15+ years
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