How Do You Know if Remote Work is Right for You and Your Team?

How Do You Know if Remote Work is Right for You and Your Team?

As the work world transforms in the aftermath COVID-19 pandemic, a question managers must ask themselves is — is remote work right for you and the team you manage? There's no doubt that the structure of work and workplaces is changing. One reason this is happening is that when people were forced to quarantine away from each other, many companies realized that their organizations could function without gathering in one central office. The result of these discoveries is that many companies are now functioning as hybrid workplaces, where some employees work from home and others work in-office. 

Alternatively, some have eschewed the idea of a central office altogether, and the entirety of teams are functioning from the comfort of their own workspaces, with new technology and an internet connection bringing them together in a virtual space. If you are a manager and your workplace is shifting and you have the opportunity to run a remote team— you also may choose to leave in-person work behind,  but you too may be wondering: is remote work right for you? Or if you know remote work is right for you, you may be wondering how you can convince your boss to give you the flexibility you need. 

While remote work might sound ideal to many managers, there are actually some downsides to running a team from the privacy of your own home, including a feeling of isolation, a lack of access to necessary supplies and resources, and a distracting home environment that makes it impossible to work (and lack of access to a public space where working is possible).

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Signs Remote Work is Right for You

Working from home as a manager can be a great experience for many people. When asking: is remote work right for you? There are many signs that remote work is going to be a good fit for your team. Here are some signs that remote work is right for you, and you would be successful at managing other workers from a home office instead of organizational headquarters:

  • You have space within your home to devote to working, as well as a quiet and calm environment.
  • Your boss thinks remote work is right for you and your team welcomes remote managers. Also, they have the infrastructure and processes set up to help you manage remote workers (including a remote onboarding process, remote training, live-streamed events, and more).
  • You can be productive on your own and enjoy that process.
  • You are driven, disciplined, and don't need any other people working around you to get you motivated.
  • You have the technology and internet connection to access and share any programs or files you might need from your work. This is often a sign your work thinks remote teams are effective and remote work is right for you.
  • You feel deeply remote work is right for you because thrive being able to set your own schedule and being able to take as much time as needed to do jobs or learn lessons.

Signs Remote Work is NOT Right for You

Is remote work right for you? You may have answered yes when reading the questions above, and there are many clear signs that remote work is the right setup for you to manage a team. However, there are also some clear signs that show, off-the-bat, that you're not a good candidate for work-from-home management. Here are some to pay attention to:

  • You need equipment you do not have access to at home.
  • Your business functions in a physical location, like a retail store, and you couldn't manage anyone effectively if not with them.
  • You do not have a strong or fast enough Internet connection at home to access your work server or files you need, either to use them or to share them with employees.
  • You have a chaotic home environment and no space to dedicate to your work.
  • Your morale becomes low when working alone and you could benefit from working with the team members you manage, face-to-face.

How Viostream Can Help

So, you wondered: is remote work right for you? And, once you read the guide above, you realized that — yes, it is the right work structure for your team. Once you've determined you are a good candidate for at-home management, you may want to turn to Viostream as a tool to help — or to recommend it to your employer as something that would help your team function more efficiently when you're in different geographical places.

If remote work is right for you and your team members, Viostream can help your organization by providing a cloud-based branded video library, where companies can store all of their video content, which is accessible to any employee who has an Internet connection.

Another way that Viostream can help remote work teams is by offering a platform for learning and training. Viostream is set up to offer organizations a platform for a Learning Management System, so you don't even need to be in-office to teach new systems or processes to people who join your staff.

Finally, Viostream also offers live stream capabilities, where companies can broadcast live meetings or events to watchers all over the world. The live stream capabilities allow presenters to show both their slide show and videos of presenters simultaneously, so even if you work from home, you won't miss any aspect of a live meeting or presentation.

Do you or your employer want to see Viostream's features in action? Start your free trial today. The company offers a free 14-day trial so you can get acquainted with all of the awesome features of the platform. Once you are convinced that they will help you and your team function better in a remote world, then you can take the step to further commit to using the platform for a longer period of time.

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Evan Parker
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