Sep 6, 2022

Product Update: Next Generation Media Library

Speed is a top priority for many of our users, and so we have developed the next iteration of the library to be faster than ever at managing your videos.

Designing for the future

Ease and speed is the name of the game these days; people need to achieve their goals in the fastest manner possible without dealing with large learning curves and upskilling. The new library update follows this concept by incorporating the sharing functionality right into the platform’s homepage. Now, whenever you upload a video, you will have a “Share” button available for each video asset right in the media library. The embed code selection is also available from this menu, as well as the ability to immediately share the video to some of the biggest social media platforms.

Why the change?

The amount of video in the online space is only getting greater, and you need the fastest process to get your content out the earliest possible. 

Without having to navigate to a separate page and trying to find the share button tucked away somewhere, you can now get your video out to your audience as soon as it has completed uploading and processing. Two clicks and a paste is all it takes.

All developments for the platform have your efficiency in mind, and I’m sure you will find Viostream to be as simple as ever with this new update.

Made for your convenience

New features such as the folder system will also be making its way onto the platform. Organise your content through folder structures so you know exactly what you’re looking into at all times. Not just that, but we also included a play counter right into the media library so you can see at a glance what videos are gaining traction.

In addition, we are also introducing a new Caption Editor along with an updated Chapters and CTA timeline. You will now have a better visual representation of these additions you add into your videos.

Never has getting your content from your file storage to your audience been so fast. The new media library provides you with unprecedented ease while still retaining the complete Viostream control that you know and love. 

If you haven’t experienced these possibilities just yet, start a free account now.

Brendan Sas
Brendan Sas is a digital designer and creator based in Sydney, Australia.
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