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Nov 30, 2022

PlayerJS Support

With PlayerJS, you can build smart video pages that react when your viewers perform certain actions, such as playing the video or completing the video.

What is PlayerJS?

PlayerJS is a JavaScript library that allows developers to customize and build systems within their video player. This provides the potential to realize brand new features and functions that otherwise would not be available within a standard video player.

Smart Play

Many of our customers have used our player to achieve functions and results not found in many other video players. They have achieved this by customizing our player to tailor specifically for their needs. Get started with a free Viostream account to taste the potential of video player customization.

Dynamic Training

One example of how PlayerJS can be used within your workflow is to promote a more dynamic training environment. One of our customers was experiencing some frustration on their training pages when their users had to keep bouncing back and forth between the embedded video and training fields on the page. They needed a solution that would provide less back-tracking to search and skim through videos. 

Utilizing PlayerJS, they tweaked the embedded video player to automatically switch to the next video once the appropriate training fields on the page were completed. 

This led to less confusion from the user trying to match the video content with the current fields on the actual page. As a result, the training was able to be completed smoother and easier than before and reduced the frustration of their users.

Required Viewing

Another customer also has online training courses that are required to be completed before the user can be approved for certain tasks. The customer uses videos to educate the user on the subject matter, which is a fantastic way to communicate information easily and clearly. The problem was that users would just skip ahead to the end of the video to proceed with the training without watching the required information.

To combat this situation, the customer used the watch time tracked from PlayerJS to stop users from proceeding with the training by skipping to the end. Now users can only proceed to other training pages once the platform recognises that they have watched the content in its entirety. 

By forcing viewers to engage with the training content through PlayerJS capabilities, the upskilling workflow was far more effective, and the users would come out of the training much more knowledgeable than when they were simply skimming through.

Reporting and Outreach

It’s easy to see the amount of interaction your marketing videos are receiving, but how do you easily follow up with that viewership? Bridging this gap was the challenge one of our customers faced, not being able to easily track individuals who completely watched a video and then follow through with outreach.

Again, the solution was PlayerJS. Their developers built the player to track the individual who completed a video and sent that information to a report. In tandem, PlayerJS would also trigger a follow-up email to be sent to anyone who completed a video. This automated outreach particularly on those who are interested in the content greatly funnelled the effective sales potential to the real team who then took advantage of the higher quality leads, rather than wasting time on unlikely prospects.

Sky’s the limit

Being able to control and customize your viewers' experiences based upon their own actions is an incredibly powerful tool that will take a creative developer to a whole new level of video integration.

If you would like to learn more of the technical details, check out the PlayerJS documentation.

Stuart Auld
Stuart Auld (Head of Infrastructure) is a multi-disciplinary engineer with broad-ranging experience at executive level delivering operational best practice across customer engagement, technology, change management and process improvement.
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