Corporate Communication
Mar 24, 2023

How Private Equity can utilize Video

Private Equity funds are groups of investors that buy companies with the intent of growing and flipping later down the line. Managing partners will need to communicate securely with other investors, associates, partners and businesses within their portfolio.

One key communication tool is presentations containing updates on company growth and other points regarding the portfolio. These are usually targeted to specific investors or other associates related to the particular company in question. If a private equity fund has multiple assets, managing multiple lanes of communication is paramount, as well is securing them.

How can video help?

Jumping on a call or physically going to present can take time out of your day and requires a lot of sync with a wide range of people. Having these presentations as an on-demand asset is a far more elegant solution that maximizes schedules and creates greater efficiency.

Sharing around slides of a presentation by itself is also not a very functional solution, as the reader will miss a lot of context and understanding that is provided by a human speaker. Intaking information while utilising multiple senses has been shown to improve memory and neural connections which is why human driven presentations are far more effective. With video you can combine heightened presentations with the ability for on-demand content by using videos. You can even make videos interactive using hosting platforms such as Viostream.

In addition, tools provided by Viostream can enhance your security, allowing only your desired audience to be able to view the content.

Why choose Viostream?

Since private equity funds will have multiple assets, or at least will require multiple lanes of communication, being able to control and manage separated series of content is a major feature that will need to be utilized.

Viostream makes this easy in a multiple of ways, such as enabling you to create multiple Channels which can send an entire video series with just a simple share link. Other features such as Themes will enable you to customize not just the share page, but the player itself so that you can brand your entire video experience to the relevant company or business. With the Team plan or above, you can also have unlimited users managing your Viostream library, perfect for when you have a tight network working together to achieve your goals.

You can start today by creating a free Viostream account. Explore the capabilities of the platform, and reach out to our success team through the platform’s live-chat.

Brendan Sas
Brendan Sas is a digital designer and creator based in Sydney, Australia.
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