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Dec 9, 2022

Recording Videos for Customer Success

In the modern era of business, a new role has taken shape that focuses on maximizing a customer’s experience with your product or service. This role is referred to as Customer Success. Gone are the days where a business can rely on customer renewals to get by and grow naturally, now the focus has shifted to targeting and engaging your customers to help them experience your business in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Not only has industry adapted with this new business field, but technology has also developed to provide tools to bolster Success and make engaging with your customers easier and with greater results. We’ve already talked about external communications and how video is a pivotal tool in modern business, and now you will also learn how video can make your own Customer Success team more effective, along with improving the communication between you and your customers.

Is Customer Success the same as Customer Support?

SImply put, the answer is no.
The more complicated answer is not really. Maybe a bit? But not really, no.

To elaborate, let’s first define that Customer Support is a more reactive role in the business. Customers come to you, usually with issues, in which a Customer Support rep will help out with answers and solutions. Still an integral part of any business of course! But the process is in the name itself; providing support when your customers request it.

Success on the other hand is more proactive, where the goal is to delight your customers by providing solutions and assistance that perhaps the customer never even thought of in the first place. The goal for a Customer Success rep is to deliver value to your customer in order to paint your business as the prime solution, thus building potential growth within your customers while also increasing your own rapport.

A great Customer Success team is integral to any business with continuous income streams in order to not only keep your customers happy, but to also provide new solutions and upsell your own product or service.

Great, sounds important. Now how does video help?

If you haven’t yet read our previously mentioned blog article on external communications, consider doing so for a more in-depth breakdown of this concept. In short, video is a supremely effective form of media which assists in breaking down barriers and allows for a deeper understanding of certain topics and ideas. Going by that alone, you can probably already see how important it is for Customer Success to grab onto this technology and use it to their advantage in order to connect with their customers and provide even more value than the customer was expecting. On the other hand, video can also make your Success team’s job a lot easier and much more time efficient.

For example; let’s say your Success rep is running a video meeting with a customer and the call is about how X feature of your product will take care of the Customer’s Y problem due all these Z reasons. Now a lot can be said in a 45 minute customer call that will easily be forgotten as soon as the call ends. With the customer forgetting about many of the Z reasons and your Success rep forgetting the nuance details of the customer’s Y issue, it’s clear that note’s need to be taken. Problem is, stopping a conversation where you want to present value and efficiency can be distracting, slow, unprofessional to an extent, and even still liable on missing details. Now if you record that call, you can easily recall every single detail discussed, forever. Better yet, you can also share that call directly to your customer through a video hosting solution like Viostream’s share pages so that they can have their own copy and reflect on all the extra benefits of X feature that they may have missed, or perhaps didn’t completely understand at the time.

To continue on with just the previous example’s video, that content can now also be used to reflect on the Success rep’s performance which can then lead to further learning possibilities, upskilling, and professional development. Investing in the development of your own team is far more seamless and time efficient with video to help out as a tool.

The list of examples can go on and on, such as recording certain features of your product to send to your customers to provide tailored learning resources, or perhaps you’re planning on a large outreach for news updates on the business? All these scenarios greatly benefit from the flexibility that video communication provides.

Wow! How do I get started on recording my own videos?

Great question! So here is a great answer to match.

You can start right now, for free, from the comfort of your own home with nothing but your laptop. Using screen recording programs like Viostream’s free recorder is a breeze and will enable you to immediately start recording long or short form videos with nothing but your device and a quick download from the Chrome store. By recording your screen (and also your face if you want) with an easy and free solution, you can quickly show off features in real time and then immediately distribute that content for your audience to watch back. In addition to sending off a video that viewers can easily digest, if you distribute the content on a hosting platform like Viostream, your viewers will have other tools at their disposal, such as the ability to play back the video at a faster rate to push the time efficiency into absolutely extreme levels.

If you’re looking for a higher budget form of video content, there are many other topics to consider, such as production budget, and post-production workflow. Depending on whatever level of video content you’re looking to develop and how you go about doing so, make sure you stay focused on the goal of the content, which in this case is to bolster Customer Success.

Using the previous example of recording a customer call and then sending it to the customer as a conversation record and follow-up, you will obviously want to make sure that conversation is safe and secure, only being viewed by people that you want. This it’s why it’s so important that Customer Success teams utilize video carefully, and host it on video platforms that provide advanced security options and viewership controls. A platform like Viostream will provide your Success team with the tools they need to not only create and distribute video content, but to do so safely and securely to the specific customers they are delighting. Now that’s what I call value.

If you’re interested in creating, hosting and distributing your own video content, start a free Viostream account and download the Viostream Recorder to start creating and sharing your content easily.

Brendan Sas
Brendan Sas is a digital designer and creator based in Sydney, Australia.
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