4 of the Most Successful Approaches to Employee Development 

4 of the Most Successful Approaches to Employee Development 

Professional development (or employee development) programs educate, motivate, and inspire team members in your organization, helping you create a happier and fulfilled workforce with a renewed interest in their jobs. That results in a more productive and profitable enterprise—one that can handle any challenge thrown at it.

But what are the best approaches to employee development in your organization? Here we discuss four of the most successful development approaches and how video can be an efficient and cost-effective way to develop teams. 

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Mentoring often occurs during orientation and onboarding, allowing new hires to familiarize themselves with your company's mission, values, and objectives. However, few employers continue mentoring employees after these processes. 

According to Robert Half Talent Solutions, ongoing mentoring is one of the best approaches to employee development because it increases knowledge transfer, improves job satisfaction, develops leadership skills, and promotes internal networks. Moreover, mentoring can encourage a more open and welcoming company culture, where team members benefit from cross-organizational information sharing. 

"Making mentoring an integral part of the organizational culture demonstrates commitment to employee development," says the National Institutes of Health. "It indicates an openness to employee movement within the larger organization should employee interest grows beyond the current position."

Video Training

Video training is one of the best approaches to employee development because it conveys complex development topics visually, improving learning outcomes for employees. Furthermore, sharing development videos with employees doesn't require managers to spend money booking an event venue or investing in audio/visual equipment like video projectors and microphones. Managers also don't need to cover the costs of employees' travel expenses or catering at a venue. 

Videos can also be effective for training a large number of employees simultaneously, no matter where they are in the world. You can communicate development topics such as ethics, time management, goal-setting, and technical skills to employees in different cities and time zones. 

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Video platforms let you track employee development videos with analytical tools, providing real-time insights into the content that impacts your team members the most. You can also host your videos in a safe, centralized space, allowing employees easy access to your content and to learn various development topics.

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Job Rotation

Job rotation involves moving employees between different tasks and job roles to enhance development. For example, an employee in your sales department might swap job duties with someone in your marketing department for a couple of weeks. 

Job rotation is one of the most successful approaches to employee development for these reasons:

  • Improved understanding of company operations
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced monotony of employees
  • Reduced physical strain on employees
  • More innovation from team members
  • More opportunities for team members 

Job rotation as an approach to employee development provides team members with new experiences and encourages them to shift from their comfort zones after spending time in a particular job. Employees who "switch" positions, even for a day or two, can develop new skills and return to their regular jobs with a fresh perspective of how the company works. That can help you create a more productive and successful company with highly competent employees.

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Promotions are one of the most successful approaches to employee development. Research shows that promoted employees are more satisfied and that promotions can improve engagement, morale, absenteeism, and productivity. With more fulfilled employees, you can create a stronger and more productive company. 

Promoting employees from inside an organization is part of a process called "internal mobility," an approach to employee development where team members can further their careers without leaving their current employers. That can improve staff attrition rates and encourage team employees to stay with your company for longer. One study reveals that 63% of workers say a lack of career development opportunities would be enough for them to quit their current jobs

"Promoting from within a company helps keep productivity high. New employees appreciate opportunities for advancement and the potential for growth," says the Houston Chronicle. "If your employees know there is a potential career path within the organization, you are less likely to lose promising staff to another organization."

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In Conclusion

The approaches to employee development listed above can make your enterprise more productive and profitable and even increase the happiness of your workforce. Investing in mentoring, video training, job rotation, and promotions will help you achieve your learning and development objectives and improve relationships with employees.

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