Comparing the Top 15 Cloud Video Streaming Platforms in 2021

Comparing the Top 15 Cloud Video Streaming Platforms in 2021

With its ease of use and virtually unlimited scalability, cloud video streaming is an ideal solution for marketers seeking a video hosting solution capable of taking full advantage of the Internet’s appetite for never-ending video content. Cloud video streaming platforms give brands in all industries the tools they need to create and share outstanding video content without the technical challenges of hosting video on a company website.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Cloud Video Streaming?
  2. How Does Cloud-Based Video Streaming Work?
  3. What to Look For in a Cloud Video Platform
  4. The Top 15 Cloud Video Streaming Platforms in 2021
  5. Why Choose Viostream?

What is Cloud Video Streaming?

In earlier years, video content originated from localized company infrastructures that were costly to maintain and required the support of dedicated IT professionals. In 2021, cloud video platforms help brands and businesses get their message in front of a global audience without the complications and expense of hosting and streaming video content with local infrastructures.

Because cloud video streaming platforms use remote servers and online software, video content creators and broadcasters can access all the resources needed to create and share video content at any time, from any location.

How Does Cloud Based Video Streaming Work?

Cloud-based video streaming makes video files available to viewers on just about any device, on demand. Broadcasters create video content once and upload it to a provider’s network of cloud servers. It is then transcoded into multiple formats that can be livestreamed or consumed on demand by viewers all over the world.

With the power of the cloud, today’s video streaming platforms can support scaling at any level for more speed, bandwidth, and economy. That allows businesses of all kinds to leverage the potential of cloud streaming to reach audiences and build engagement.

What to Look for in a Video Cloud Platform

The best cloud-based video streaming platforms share some key features that help users seamlessly and safely share their content with the world, including

  • Live stream recording allows users to capture live content for later viewing without compromising its quality.
  • HTML5 video players, which are compatible with nearly every device and can be embedded in web pages, social media posts, and other kinds of content.
  • Video transcoding. This renders video content in multiple formats for virtually universal compatibility with any device or internet connection.
  • Privacy, security, and support. A quality streaming service will make it a priority to keep data secure and respond quickly to user concerns and issues.

The Top 15 Cloud Video Streaming Platforms in 2021


Viostream is a full-featured video solution for businesses, governments, and civic organizations of all kinds. With scalable, dedicated video portals and livestreaming capabilities, Viostream has plans ranging from Lite at $100 per month to enterprise-level options starting at $4,000 per month.


With video and player API for integrating video into other cloud-based apps and software, Dacast is an enterprise-level streaming platform. Dacast’s live streaming plans range from $39 per month to a custom-priced enterprise solution. Dacast targets businesses, government entities and religious organizations with a full service solution for video hosting and livestreaming features.


Brightcove’s enterprise level streaming platform specializes in marketing and advertising. The platform features integration with most popular cloud apps and systems. Brightcove targets larger advertising and media companies and offers pricing information only upon request.

IBM Cloud Video

IBM Cloud Video is a high-profile provider of AI-powered livestreams and video on demand. Plans range from Silver at $99 to $999 monthly, with custom pricing for specific organizational needs. IBM Cloud Video targets businesses using video for advertising, education and in-house needs.


Israeli-based Kaltura is an open source streaming platform that specializes in video streaming for educational institutions and professional organizations. Prices are based on individual combinations of bandwidth and features. Kaltura targets virtual learning, community and professional organizations with


Targeting marketing and sales campaigns, Vidyard combines interactivity and personalization with an emphasis on video SEO and advanced analytics. Pricing ranges from a “free forever” limited plan to a custom enterprise solution. Vidyard targets professionals in industries including real estate, education and finance.


Wowza’s video streaming solution supports self-hosted streaming and API access. It’s a low-latency, cost-effective solution with two main products: the Wowza Streaming Cloud and the Wowza Streaming Engine for enterprise-level streaming. Wowza's pricing is based on livestreaming and viewing hours, plus a custom enterprise plan. Wowza targets both consumers and developers building livestreaming apps.

JW Player

With products including OTT apps and its HTML 5 video player, JW Player provides an economical streaming solution for companies of all sizes. JW Player has a starter plan with limited hosting and streaming for $10USD per month and custom enterprise pricing for all other needs. With its free, limited trial and starter plan, JW Player targets smaller businesses and media companies.


StreamShark offers a variety of enterprise level streaming solutions including brandable channels and encoder management. StreamShark's monthly plans are based on viewer hours and other usage factors, range from $199USD for individuals and small businesses to $999 per month for larger companies. StreamShark also offers a custom enterprise option. StreamShark targets a wide range of business users, with pricing based on individual needs.


Vimeo’s free basic platform offers video hosting and live streaming services with limited uploading for users of all levels. For more features, plans start at $7 per month and include multiple pricing tiers for businesses and enterprises. Vimeo also offers Vimeo Livestream, a premium streaming solution for organizations with advanced marketing needs.


SproutVideo offers both live streaming and VOD services for a variety of users. Plans range from Seed at $24.99 per month to Forrest at $499.99 per month for enterprise-level streaming. Sprout Video targets small to mid-size businesses as well as large corporations.


Panopto’s streaming platform specializes in supporting learning management systems, with features including lecture capture and video-search software. Panopto’s prices range from a free basic plan with limited to custom enterprise solutions at custom prices. Panopto targets businesses and institutions offering virtual and in-person learning.


Muvi is a unique video streaming solution to help businesses launch their own OTT streaming platforms. Plans range from Standard at $399 per month to the Black custom plan with premium features and support. Muvi targets businesses and institutions in industries including sports, education, religion and government.

Liveswitch Cloud

Liveswitch Cloud is a dedicated solution just for livestreaming. Liveswitch Cloud’s plans start at $19.00 USD per month, but it requires add-ons for participant minutes and messaging. The platform also offers a custom enterprise solution. Liveswitch Cloud targets developers building video applications and platforms in a variety of industries.

Cloudflare Stream

Cloudflare Stream is an API-powered streaming solution that’s designed for VOD hosting. Cloudflare Stream offers several pricing plans billed according to per-minute usage along with a custom enterprise plan. This platform targets developers building scalable livestream applications for businesses of all sizes.

Why Choose Viostream?

Viostream’s comprehensive video streaming platform helps brands and businesses tell their stories, create outstanding learning experiences, and boost awareness and engagement. Viostream's transparent pricing structure makes costs clear and consistent, and a robust customer support team is available for every plan. With flexible, scalable options for businesses of all sizes, Viostream is a complete streaming and hosting solution. Learn more here or contact our support team to get started with a free trial today.

Evan Parker
Evan Parker
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Evan is the Chief Executive Officer, with over 15 years of leadership experience across technology, management consulting & military service.
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