How to Transition Your Office to the Hybrid Workplace Model

How to Transition Your Office to the Hybrid Workplace Model

There's no doubt about it: The workplace is changing. Thanks to rapid developments in technology and the need to isolate due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more companies are adopting different styles for their workforces and workplaces. One of the most popular is the hybrid workplace model.

In the hybrid workplace model, employees of a company work in multiple places at different times. Some people work in the actual company office, while others tackle their workdays remotely (from home offices or wherever they might be located). The benefits of a hybrid workplace model are many, especially in a world that continues to face uncertainty in the public health space. This model allows companies to cut down on expenses like office space, in-office computers, support staff, break room supplies, and so much more.

Many leading business experts agree that the hybrid workplace model is going to be the future of the workplace. If you want your company to stay relevant, you might consider transitioning to some form of hybrid work accommodation. This includes reorganizing, restructuring, and, finding virtual tools like Viostream, which allows you to make use of video to keep everyone on the same page — even if they're working from home.

If you're ready to start making the move to a hybrid workplace model, read on. You'll need to take each of the following steps as you transition from an organization that is in-house full-time to one that offers the flexibility that matches the needs of our current era.

Essential Tips for Transitioning to a Hybrid Workplace Model

Delineate what happens where.

Be consistent in your hybrid workplace model about where things happen at your organization. For example, board meetings should always happen in-office, while training sessions should always be done remotely by video. When everyone is clear about what purpose the office serves, they'll know all the responsibilities they'll need to be able to handle from their remote workspace.

Hand out information evenly and regularly.

It's easy for news to get around an in-person office. People can gather in one place or find one another to have conversations. When some people work remotely, if news isn't shared with everyone at once, it can create feelings of inequality at the company.

Create a regular cadence for sharing company news and share it with everyone at once, in the same way (for example, via a video newsletter). Distributing important information to everyone at the same time ensures everyone feels valued equally.

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Be prepared to troubleshoot larger meetings.

When virtual meetings involve more than a handful of people and locations (which will likely happen in a hybrid workplace model), expect issues. Someone's Internet will go out, or the microphone at the office won't work. Be patient and ready to troubleshoot from the beginning. Schedule 15 extra minutes into every meeting to give people plenty of time to get their kinks worked out. And remember--be patient! Eventually, after switching to a hybrid workplace model, people will get the hang of how to gather successfully online and you won't have to spend any extra time troubleshooting.

If you use a tool like Viostream for your video needs, our support team can be on the line right when you need them to help you work out some of the more complicated kinks. Having professional tech help can always make things go smoother. Try Viostream free for 14 days and see what a difference a dedicated service team can make.

Rely on video technology for all training and onboarding.

New employees don't know the ropes yet. Get them started in the comfort of their own space, where they can take their time to learn by changing over to remote training programs and remote onboarding. Make short training videos and store them in a central library located in the cloud. A tool like Viostream offers a video library that is perfect for an online company training library. Also, research shows that virtual training is actually very effective for companies.

How Viostream Can Help When Transitioning to the Hybrid Workplace Model

When your organization is transitioning to the hybrid workplace model, you'll need to rely on a slew of technological solutions that allow people to access and work with the same material and data, no matter where they are located. Cloud-based solutions are often the best choice since the cloud allows you to store a huge amount of information that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

If you want to use videos for training in a hybrid workplace, or you want people working at home to watch videos of events taking place at the office, Viostream offers the capability to access a huge library of videos, all kept in one central, organized space. If your company uses Viostream, the people at home and the people in the office will always have access to the same video content so no one feels disconnected from company life.

Are you ready to see if Viostream is the video solution for your company going hybrid? Start your free trial today and see how a powerful and convenient solution like Viostream can help you harness video for marketing, advertising, learning, and growth.

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