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November 16, 2021

Evan Parker

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    Vimeo Versus Viostream: Which Video Platform Should Your Company Choose?

    Video continues to play a critical role in business success. Today’s businesses need to adapt quickly to changes in technology and health. The Covid-19 pandemic, for example, pushed workers out of their offices into their homes. Many companies had to scramble to find ways for employees to collaborate and serve customers without face-to-face interactions. Video solved those problems.

    People also seem to enjoy online videos. A global survey shows that 27.2 percent of people spend one or more hours watching online videos. When you add everyone who watches more than two hours of online video, you get 79.4 percent. Clearly, you want the latest video technology working for you. You can use it to convert consumers, train employees, stream live events, and provide educational materials that show people how to use products and services.

    You know that you want to use video. That doesn’t mean you know what platform you should use. The following article will compare Vimeo versus Viostream to help you make an informed decision.

    Vimeo vs. Viostream Overview

    About Vimeo

    Vimeo is the second-largest video platform in the world. Only YouTube has more than Vimeo’s 1.6 million subscribers. In many ways, Vimeo looks, feels and operates like YouTube. Some companies like that because it’s a straightforward platform that makes people feel comfortable. Others find it lacks the customization they would like from a professional video platform.

    About Viostream

    Viostream has focused on pushing the boundaries of online video for about two decades. The platform has expanded beyond video to include a suite of features such as automated triggers, email embedding, customizable branded videos, social syndication and in-video calls-to-action. Viostream also puts customer services first. With Vimeo, users get help via email support, online tutorials and live chat. Viostream keeps clients happy with phone support, email support and a growing list of how-to guides.

    Vimeo vs. Viostream Features

    Trial Length

    Vimeo: 30 days

    Viostream: 30 days

    Target Audience

    Vimeo: Businesses

    Viostream: Businesses, marketers and government agencies.


    Vimeo: Yes, including Slack, Google Drive and Adobe.

    Viostream: Yes, including Tableau, Amazon CloudFront, Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Looker.

    Video Embeds

    Vimeo: Yes

    Viostream: Yes

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    Vimeo Vs. Viostream Pricing

    Vimeo has extremely affordable rates. A Vimeo PRO membership costs $20 per month when billed annually. It has some limitations, though. At the PRO level, you only have access to 20GB of storage per week. You’re also limited to three users.

    Vimeo Business will more likely meet your needs. At just $50 per month, you get quite a deal, including:

    • Up to 5TB of weekly storage.
    • Access for 10 users.
    • Integrations with Google Analytics and email marketing software.

    You do not, however, get unlimited livestreaming until you reach Vimeo Premium ($75 per month). This account level also gives you 7TB of weekly storage.

    Vimeo subscription tiers cost more, but you get what you pay for. A Lite membership costs $100 per month. It gives you:

    • Adaptive bit rate streaming.
    • Dedicated video portals.
    • 4k UHD playback.
    • 50GB of bandwidth.
    • 50GB of storage.
    • Caption editing.

    Viostream’s Professional membership (starting at $500 per month) has features for growing companies. Expect to benefit from:

    • 300GB of video storage.
    • 300GB of bandwidth
    • Player branding.
    • User-generated content.
    • Single sign on.
    • Video calls to action.

    The Enterprise level (starting at $4,000 per month) comes stacked with features that help businesses succeed. Your Enterprise membership gives you:

    • 3,000GB of video storage.
    • 3,000GB of bandwidth.
    • Global video replication.
    • Four hours of live streaming.
    • Data sovereignty.
    • More integrations with BI analytic tools.

    If you’re not sure which tier suits your business’s needs, you can always talk to a consultant to learn more about how individual features will help you reach your goals.

    Vimeo vs. Viosteam Security

    Few things matter more than security in today’s tech-driven world. Despite a heightened focus on security as more people moved to remote work, the average cost of a data breach jumped from $3.86 million to $4.24 million over one year. Many companies cannot shoulder that kind of burden, so a single data breach can put them out of business.

    Overall, Vimeo does a decent job of protecting the security of its clients and viewers. For example, you get:

    • Single sign-on authentication.
    • Domain-level privacy.
    • Private live videos.
    • Password-protected videos.
    • Data ownership (Vimeo says it will not share your data with third parties).

    That leaves two glaring gaps that Viostream fills:

    • IP restrictions
    • ISO 27001

    IP restrictions from Viostream let you block viewers from specific areas and computers. You can even use geofencing to restrict access.

    ISO 27001 certification sets an exceptional standard for digital data security. You aren’t required to meet these standards, but doing so proves that you take security seriously and put your users’ needs first.

    How Viostream Can Help

    Viostream is committed to staying at the forefront of video technology. Whether you want to explore effective ways to market your products or you need to connect offices from around the world, Viostream has a membership tier for you. Contact a representative to learn more about your options or visit our website to get started.

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