Mar 29, 2023

The free Viostream Recorder

Recently Viostream has created a new tool that allows you to record and distribute video with nothing but your laptop and a Viostream account that you can also create for free. The Viostream Recorder is a Chrome extension that can be downloaded from the Chrome Store today and be ready to record within seconds. Don’t forget to pin the extension shortcut in Chrome for easy access!

Starting up

When first opening the recorder, you will be prompted to log into Viostream. This is because videos recorded automatically sync into your Viostream library ready to be shared! Once signed in you will need to select your video and audio input. If you are using a laptop with a webcam, just select the webcam in the menu along with your laptop’s built-in microphone. Next you’ll be prompted to select what you would like to record on your screen. You have options between recording your full screen, the entire browser, or just a single tab within your browser. You can also select whether you would like to record the audio from your device.

When you’re ready to record, hit the share button and a 5 second countdown will begin. Get ready during the countdown, as when it’s finished, the video will start recording. You will be able to record for 20 minutes straight, but if you would like to stop earlier, hit the square stop button and your recording will end. Alternatively, click the bin icon to stop and delete the current recording so you can begin again.

Once your recording has concluded, a new page will open and you will have the option to either download the file directly to your device, or immediately share your recording using Viostream.

Use cases

Internal Communication

We’ve mentioned before how effective video is as a tool used for internal communication, but with the recorder, you will be able to actually create content quickly and easily. By providing the ability to record your face, voice and screen, you can easily share quick videos to your teammates in order to answer questions, breakdown reports, or give a weekly update for example.

External Communication

Another area where the Viostream recorder can benefit is providing easy information to your users or customers. Your support team can easily demo your product in real time, or you can send out short videos with your customer newsletters. Any area where quick and informative videos can be used will benefit from having the Viostream Recorder in your toolbox.

If you haven’t yet signed up for a free Viostream account, sign up now and see how seamless your recordings can be integrated into your hosting solution.

Paul Vecchiato
Paul Vecchiato (Chief Technology Officer) has been delivering value to users through video products for 15+ years
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