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November 15, 2021

Evan Parker

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    YouTube vs. Viostream: Which Video Streaming Platform Should You Choose?

    Five differences between YouTube vs. Viostream:

    1. Cost: YouTube is free. Viostream is a premium platform that offers advanced video security and integrates with various business intelligence (BI) tools. Prices start from just $100 a month
    2. Popularity: With about 2.1 billion users worldwide, YouTube is a far more popular video streaming platform than Viostream.
    3. Integrations: You can't integrate YouTube with any other platform. Viostream integrates with services like Adobe, Looker, Oracle, Tableau, Salesforce Einstein Analytics, and more.
    4. Audience: YouTube has a general audience but is most popular with users aged 35 and below. Viostream targets businesses and governments that require advanced analytics, security, and media management capabilities. 
    5. Customizations: YouTube offers content creators little customization. Viostream has a broad range of features that personalize content, such as branded video galleries and portals. 

    YouTube remains the world's most popular video streaming service, with over 500 hours of video uploaded to the platform every minute. However, many businesses require alternative video management solutions with premium features that YouTube can't provide. Although these services typically require a monthly fee, users get advanced security, analytics, and other media management capabilities that drive performance, productivity, and profitability. 

    Viostream is one YouTube alternative to consider. Although far less popular than YouTube, it's the only video streaming platform that lets you pull video data into BI tools for analytics. The result? You get unparalleled enterprise-level insights that power your brand. But is Viostream worth the cost? Or should you stick with YouTube? Here's a comparison of YouTube vs. Viostream.

    YouTube vs. Viostream Overview

    About YouTube

    Since launching in 2005, YouTube has become the world's most-used video streaming service. Now owned by Google, the platform lets users upload videos and share them with a worldwide audience for free. Because YouTube dominates the video streaming market, organizations can expose products and services to a potential audience of millions and reach a broad range of target markets, especially those aged 35 and under — YouTube's biggest demographic. Users can also monetize content and generate income from advertising, which might provide an additional revenue stream. 

    Although YouTube doesn't integrate with any BI tools, organizations can view video analytics, progress charts, subscriber counts, and other analytics via YouTube Studio. However, data-driven businesses might want to invest in a premium video streaming platform to generate deeper data insights that reveal video ROI, engagement, conversion rates, and other metrics. These businesses might also need a service that offers more advanced security, customization, video playback, and media management features. 

    About Viostream

    Viostream is a cloud-based video platform built for organizations that crave enterprise-level video data insights — something YouTube doesn't provide. Users can integrate video data with various BI tools (Adobe, Sigma, SAP, etc.) that make it easier to track, analyze and monetize content. Integrating video data with these tools requires no code, so organizations can generate powerful insights even if they lack a data engineering team. 

    Viostream boasts an incredible range of features for modern businesses such as branded video galleries, private portals, video embeds, live streaming, push-button app publishing, filter lists, calls-to-action, tags, unlimited players, social syndication, scheduling, and more. The platform has many features you won't find on YouTube, including advanced privacy and security. 

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    You Tube vs. Viostream Side-By-Side Comparison

    Launch Date

    • YouTube: 2005
    • Viostream: 2002


    • YouTube: San Bruno, California 
    • Viostream: Sydney, Australia

    Target Audience

    • YouTube: General
    • Viostream: Businesses and governments that require enterprise-level video management features

    Trial Length

    • YouTube: No trial (YouTube is free)
    • Viostream: 30 days

    Highest-Quality Video Resolution Supported

    • YouTube: 4K UHD
    • Viostream: 4K UHD

    BI Integrations

    • YouTube: No
    • Viostream: Users can integrate video data with 22 BI tools, including PowerBI, Qlik, and Salesforce Einstein Analytics. These integrations require no code. Click here for a list of integrations.


    • YouTube: Geo-blocking, unlisted (private) videos, two-step authentication ‍
    • Viostream: Geo-blocking, private videos, two-step authentication, IP restrictions, domain whitelists, single sign-on (SSO) authentication, sub-accounts, user roles, password policies, ISO27001 compliance, and more. Click here for a list of security features. 


    • YouTube: Support ticket system, help guides
    • Viostream: Phone support, email support, support guides

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    YouTube vs. Viostream Pricing


    • YouTube is free


    Viostream has three pricing plans

    • Lite: 50 GB of video storage, 50 GB of video bandwidth, caption editing, adaptive bitrate streaming.
    • Professional: 300 GB of video storage, 300 GB of video bandwidth, caption editing, adaptive bitrate streaming, single sign-on, player branding, calls-to-action, user-generated content.
    • Enterprise: 3,000 GB of video storage, 3,000 GB of video bandwidth, caption editing, adaptive bitrate streaming, single sign-on, player branding, calls-to-action, user-generated content, data sovereignty, global video replication, live streams.

    Why Viostream Over YouTube?

    Many businesses get incredible results from YouTube because no other video platform has its scope or reach. Organizations across all sectors use this platform to target a potential global audience of millions. However, a YouTube alternative like Viostream could prove even more lucrative for organizations that require advanced security, analytics, performance, and media management capabilities. 

    When considering YouTube vs. Viostream, consider how real-time BI insights, enhanced customization, and high-level security features might benefit your content strategy. If you require enterprise-level video management features, Viostream might be the solution you need.

    How Viostream Can Help

    Viostream is the No.1 cloud-based enterprise-grade video solution and the only video platform that lets you pull data into BI tools. Contact Viostream's customer support team to learn more or get started right now.

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