King & Wood Mallesons: On Demand Continual Professional Development

King & Wood Mallesons developed on-demand continual professional development portals using Viostream


  • KWM's network of in-house legal professionals are required to complete continuing professional development (CPD) in order to maintain their practising certificates
  • KWM developed training courses to provide CPD points for their clients but needed a way to deliver the content
  • In order to receive CPD points, a log of courses viewed must be provided


  • Viostream allowed KWM to build a branded gallery of CPD material, grouped into relevant topic areas
  • Viostream's viewer registration system enabled KWM to control who has access to each CPD course
  • KWM accesses viewer reports on an annual basis to inform their clients of the number of CPD points earned


  • KWM clients saved time in compiling their CPD records by eliminating the need for log keeping
  • KWM also built custom dedicated CPD portals for enterprise clients, boosting their revenue
About King & Wood Mallesons

King & Wood Mallesons (KWM) is a multi-national law firm with 30 offices and more than 3,500 legal professionals across Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

With a history stretching back to 1832, KWM has a proud tradition of providing top-tier legal advice to Government and blue-chip firms. KWM has also developed a range of training courses for legal counsel which they deliver via the Viostream platform.