Australian law firm Allens Linklaters leverage Viostream to deliver business critical updates. The Allens Academy streams video to 1200 partners and staff in 40 offices across the world.

People are increasingly wanting to do more sophisticated things with video. We've never had an issue where we thought we want to do something and there's not that tool or the answer at the end of the phone.
David Bradbury, Web & Extranets Manager

The Challenge

Allens prides itself on being a customer-centric organisation. The Allens Academy provides training on the latest legal legislation and economic updates. Allens also delivers specific HR/internal training via video.

Allens needed a reliable platform to ensure the simple and robust delivery of video training. As required by legislation, lawyers need to attain a certain number of CPD points to continue practicing. Tracking of user engagement and video viewing statistics were paramount when choosing a provider.

The Solution

The Viostream platform enables Allens to curate channels of videos. These channels are placed on customised websites and targeted to specific groups across the globe. Using Viostream, Allens can provide training about the latest legislative changes. This ensures that all parties have access to the latest training material in an easy to access format. Viostream's engagement tracking data is then used by Allens to allocate CPD points.

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