Bupa is a health and care company committed to helping customers live longer, healthier, happier lives.

We really had challenges reaching our audience due to bandwidth issues and network connection… Viostream certainly helps us in that regard but it’s also really made us think differently about video and that’s really exciting
Jacquelyn Stevens, Digital Content Manager

The Challenge

Bupa needed a way to increase employee engagement scores. They wanted a way executives could better communicate with employees. Employees also needed to create and share videos to contribute to campaigns. Bupa was building its new internal portal during the start of Viostream's adoption. A vital component of the project was to integrate with Bupa's digital ecosystem. Bupa needed to rethink how they communicated important corporate messages.

The Solution

Viostream integrated into Bupa's internal communications systems. This allowed the easy distribution of content to all employees. The use of SSO meant content was only visible to appropriate levels of employee. Bupa allows employees to upload videos with Viostream's User Generated Content form. This meant users could upload content from various devices. Immediately and publish them on the intranet newsfeed. Viostream is also WCAG 2.0 compliant. Bupa uses this to caption and transcribe content, which maximises reach within its corporate workforce.

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