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Record and share your training sessions and presentations

Think of all the training and knowledge sharing activity that happens across your organisation. Now imagine that you can easily capture those sessions, make them all conveniently available to your workforce and intelligently categorised so it’s easy to find the right one. Then picture all of the spoken words on those sessions being searchable, so it’s easy to find the exact point in a video when somebody mentioned a keyword.

Deliver an outstanding on-boarding and training experience

Deliver an outstanding on-boarding and training experience

Your workforce is used to learning new skills through YouTube, so why not give them what they want?

And, as your content library grows, Viostream’s video indexing and categories makes it simple for them to find the right content, with interactive chapters and searchable dialogue makes the knowledge in your content easily discoverable.

Plus of course you can track viewing at an individual level for compliance and audience engagement reporting.

Make the most of your biggest asset: your people

Organisational learning isn’t just instructor led anymore. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience in your people that can become a valuable resource if you can make it easy for them to share it, and easy for others to discover it.

User generated content from mobiles and tablets, recordings of WebEx and Skype or video conference sessions have democratised content creation and flipped corporate learning.

Keep your valuable IP secure

Your intellectual property is an asset, but locking it in a vault that is hard for your people to get undervalues it. Viostream securely stores your video content in the cloud and authenticates viewers seamlessly through your existing corporate directory. No more passwords to remember, and no concerns about where your corporate knowledge ends up.

HR & Learning

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