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Simple, secure & scalable video for business. Have confidence in the delivery of every video.

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Video For Business

Powering exceptional live steaming & video on demand experiences.

Video Library Management
Automatically publish new videos by topic or channel to a secure video portal.
Account Management
Centralized management of user permissions, account access & publication approvals.
Video Distribution
Deliver you video to a global audience with our secure content delivery network.
Interactive Video
Easily embed interactive Calls to Action (CTAs) within every video to increase conversions.
Video Tagging
Quickly filter & sort videos by topic, keyword or publisher with our video management function.
Video Reporting
View video performance, audience engagement & viewing patterns. Understand your video trends.

Dedicated Video Portals

Simple, secure & scalable. Invest your time in video creation, not publication and maintenance.

Use our tailored video portals to:
- Build beautifully branded homes for your video
- Capture viewer registrations
- Control video access
- Track audience engagement & interest
- Publish new videos to your playlists
- Feed usage data into your analytics platform

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Live Streaming

Everyone has a front row seat. Deliver your story direct to employees, partners & stakeholders.

Have confidence in your delivery:
- Build tailored, brand specific viewer registration pages
- Share speaker content & reference material
- Highlight speaker credentials with dedicated biographies
- Collect & respond to live Q&A
- Scale easily with audience size & location
- Track user engagement & event metrics

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Accessibility Guaranteed

Inclusive video – to empower all members of your audience through access.

Ensure your story can reach everyone with:
- Automatically generated captions & subtitles
- Complete static or interactive video transcripts
- Enhanced video player keyboard controls
- Selectable audio descriptions

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Secure Video

Have confidence to tell your story. Platform security built on pillars of viewer control, user management & platform encryption.

Viewer Access Control
Control who watches what video with viewer registration, active directory & geographic restrictions.
Data Sovereignty
Confine your data to your region, & maintain positive control with world class encryption.
Single Sign On (SSO)
Secure platform access & viewer registration for video portals or events.
Video Access
Restrict which videos are embedded & who watches them, with domain whitelisting.
User Management
Publish with confidence with central user management & role based access.
Keep Record
Track user actions & change history with detailed audit logs.

Amazing Analytics

Align your video content with viewer interests. Use data to grow your reach.

Integrate Your Reporting
Combine all your video data into Tableau, Power BI or your choice of Business Intelligence tool.
Engagement Data
Identify the best performing videos with particular video engagement metrics.
Viewer Data
Track viewers from registration to videos watched & minutes played. Understand who's engaging, where.
Media Reports
Understand your video trends with interactive heatmaps and viewing patterns for time, location & device.