Beautiful playback, lightning speed

The Viostream adaptive HLS Video Player -  with lightning fast load times and packed full of features, your videos will leap off the page and delight your audience.

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Built for performance

The Viostream Video Player is built with one thing in mind - speed! Drop one of our tiny embed codes on your website and we will handle the rest.

Our adaptive technology ensures that playback is always optimized for your audience - no matter their location, internet connection or device settings, they will receive the best possible video experience.

Our global CDN means that your videos will be delivered lightning fast, regardless of whether your audience is in Virginia, Venezuela or Vanuatu.

Your Player, your style

You have invested a lot into your style, so why shouldn’t it extend to your video player? Our simple interface allows you to easily apply your preferred theme to your Viostream Player. Update once and we’ll push the changes to all of your videos.

Need more customization? No problem! With the Viostream Player you can choose to toggle on various features including social sharing and playback speed selection, or even customize the look of the Chapter selector.


Interact with your audience

We know that people are at their most engaged when viewing a video, so we provide you with a range of interactivity features to help you make the most of your video.

Whether it be redirecting your audience to your home page, collecting leads or selling a product, the Viostream Player will help drive your audience further.

Explore more ways to use Viostream

Training and Learning

Never worry about losing your videos again. Embed once, grow your content easily. Understand your audience and track your viewers.

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Easily upload videos from anywhere. Brand your videos to your own style. Boost engagement with Calls to Action.

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Corporate Communications

Collaborate with all your users. Control your audience. Generate closed captions with 95%+ accuracy.

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