Video for every audience

We have incorporated accessibility into our platform from the ground up, meaning that your videos can be viewed and enjoyed by everyone.

Image of a computer screen showing multiple charts and graphs in an online dashboard.

A clean, accessible and beautiful player

Viostream’s HTML5 Video Player comes with industry-leading accessibility features. Our ADA and WCAG compliant controls ensure that your audience can play back your videos any way they want.

The Viostream Player supports multiple closed caption files, and multiple audio tracks, bringing your content to life for your entire audience.

Automated speech recognition technology

Viostream’s Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology processes your videos after uploading, generating a closed caption file that is 95%+ accurate. This service is free with all plans.

Viostream’s sleek in-app caption editor allows you to preview, edit and publish your captions, making it fast and simple to add captioning to your entire video library.


Professional grade premium captioning service

For those jobs that require the next level in terms of accuracy and quality, Viostream offers a premium captioning service. Focus your effort on video production, and let us take care of the captioning, with a next-day turnaround and 99%+ accuracy.

Or for those who have internal resources available, simply type up the captions yourself and upload into the Viostream caption editor, where you can perform a final review and set the file live.

Explore more ways to use Viostream

Training and Learning

Create engaging video learning curriculums that integrate easily with other learning platforms. Use real-time analytics to monitor and understand your learner's behavior.

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Guide your audience journey, build lead funnels, and understand individual users of your videos. Then, easily develop hyper-focused follow-up video campaigns.

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Corporate Communications

Use video to share internal information with a specific audience or publicize important news. Our security features include domain whitelisting, single sign-on (SSO), and more.

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