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We've built accessibility as a core part of our platform, not just a group of features.

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Why trust video accessibility to Viostream?

Viostream's video platform gives you robust tools to be WCAG and ADA compliant.

Viostream includes automatic transcription software. When you upload a video, Viostream then uploads a full machine-generated transcript of the video.

Viostream is fully compatible with all major screen readers to
provide access for vision-impaired users. Users who experience difficulties controlling a computer mouse can operate our video player with keyboard controls.

Automatic video captioning converts spoken dialogue and
sound effects into text. When you upload a video, Viostream
also automatically generates accompanying captions.

A multi-pronged approach to captioning.

Automatic Captioning

  • Captions are automatically generated for every video once it is uploaded to Viostream almost instantly.

  • Automatic captioning is free and included in all of our plans.

In-App Caption Editing

  • Viostream’s in-app caption editor makes it easy to quickly change your automatically generated captions.

  • We identify potential caption errors automatically by highlighting them for you.


Premium Captioning

  • Viostream also provides human-generated premium captioning, as an add-on service.

  • Users can purchase human generated captions in blocks of 24, 48, and 96 hours.

WCAG/ADA Compliant

  • By default, Viostream is compliant with major acessibility legislation. We are committed to providing maximum accessibility to all.

  • Learn more about WCAG compliance here.

  • Learn more about ADA compliance here.

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Training and Learning

Create engaging video learning curriculums that integrate easily with other learning platforms. Use real-time analytics to monitor and understand your learner's behavior.

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Guide your audience journey, build lead funnels, and understand individual users of your videos. Then, easily develop hyper-focused follow-up video campaigns.

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Corporate Communications

Use video to share internal information with a specific audience or publicize important news. Our security features include domain whitelisting, single sign-on (SSO), and more.

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