Your videos, your audience

Viostream gives you the tools to secure your videos for your intended audience - be it visitors to your website, authenticated users, or colleagues with a private link.

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Don't lose your videos on the Web

The internet is a big place - trust us, we have been there! When you create video content, you'll most likely want to control where it can viewed.

With Viostream, you can control exactly where your videos are allowed to be embedded - it's your way or the highway.

Not too concerned about who is embedding your videos? That's fine with us... and we'll even give you the tools to track down every single embed location so that you can keep tabs on your video creations.

Audience controls that suit your business

We know that cyber security is an ever-evolving landscape, and everyone's security team has different rules around how to protect your content. That's why Viostream gives you a wide range of options to control who can watch your videos:

Single sign-on viewers

Website embed profiles

Private videos

Email registration

Geographical playback

Corporate network

Password protect

All public viewers

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Get to know your audience

Now that your videos have been shared, you probably want to understand the "who, where, when, why and how" of your audience.

Viostream's detailed analytics help you to answer your questions - from geographical location, to browser and device use, all the way through to which websites are embedding your videos. All the data is available at the click of a button.