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Dedicated Video Portals
Build secure video viewing playlists for all employees or select teams & stream the video data to your analytics.
Secure Video
Have confidence your video is secure. With best practice in viewer control, user management & platform encryption.
Access Controlled
Control who watches what video, when. Employ layered security controls with SSO, geographic restrictions & whitelisting.
Amazing Analytics
Understand your video trends over time with engagement scoring, heatmaps & viewing patterns.
Keep Record
Track viewer actions & logs that can certify which employee has completed what training courses or videos.
Accessibility For All
Empower through access with automatic & on-demand video subtitles, captions, audio descriptions & transcripts.

Learning & Development

Your LMS May Need A Video-Platform Enhancement

The Learning Management System (LMS) was designed for old-style learning. That “traditional” type of structured and trackable learning or training is no longer what works for modern learners. Text and visual content simply does not engage video-savvy users. “Formal education” (based on a course catalog) is an outdated learning model.

There’s little doubt that video is becoming the predominant method of delivering Learning & Development. Your LMS based on an outdated LMS learning model is hampering your L&D functions. These are the reasons you probably need a video platform to enhance your LMS.

An LMS Is Not Designed To Support Video

  • An LMS is designed to support text documents and non-video learning media. 
  • The LMS is not built to manage the large size of video files.
  • An LMS does not have functions to deal with a variety of video file formats, bandwidth issues, and problems caused by playback quality.
  • Learning & Development is moving more and more thoroughly toward video learning.
  • Users want a simple YouTube-like video interface that feels familiar and easy to use. They don’t enjoy a clunky interface that forces rigid old-style learning.
  • An LMS without a solid video platform does not provide a positive user experience. 

An LMS Doesn’t Support Modern Learning Needs

  • It’s just a fact that attention spans are shrinking. An LMS was designed for long-form learning courses or programs. Today’s learners prefer shorter, more targeted “microlearning”—a series of concise learning moments that support a whole learning sequence. Video is perfect to deliver this.
  • Today’s learners prefer to be in control of self-guided learning. On-the-go delivery is replacing static, “in one place” learning. To engage learners, you need to provide them all the flexibility they need. 
  • An LMS does not have functions to deal with a variety of video file formats, bandwidth issues, and problems caused by playback quality.
  • The old-style combination of text, graphics, and quizzes does not engage the modern learner. In today’s video-filled social media landscape, without video—you’re losing your learning audience. 
  • Traditional learning methods do not support multiple learning styles. Video fills in the gaps providing both visual and auditory experiences. It’s easy to insert text screens to emphasize points for learners who learn best from reading. Demonstrations by video help kinesthetic learners better understand concepts. 

L&D Teams Need Video Functionality—Without Tech Complexity

  • Let’s get real: capturing, streaming, transcoding, storing, searching, managing, and distributing video content is technologically challenging.
  • That doesn’t even include the delivery concerns of resolving video-related issues, video delivery problems, or using specialized streaming video technologies.
  • L&D teams do not want to spend their time on technology. They want to spend their time delivering learning and development content. Viostream makes it easy for your L&D team to focus on learning not technology.

An LMS Lacks Analytics Feedback

  • An LMS do not provide any analytics. Without analytics, you don’t have a feedback loop on what’s working and what’s not working. You can’t hone in on what learners are engaging with and create more of that type of learning content.
  • You have no way of knowing what your users do on your LMS. You aren’t getting information about where they click, scroll, replay, or bounce out of the training. 
  • Without analytics, you can’t provide quantitative data to support L&D ROI. You don’t have specific numbers to support your qualitative claims of happy and satisfied learners. 

Adding Viostream To Your LMS Solves These Problems

An LMS was designed for traditional learning content. It’s not the best solution for hosting and streaming videos. It’s not the best solution for modern learning audiences and methods. Adding a Viostream video platform to your LMS gives you all the robust video you need—without the problems.

Viostream Integrates With Any LMS

  • Viostream is not a replacement for an LMS. It’s an enhancement. It turns any LMS into a robust—and secure—video platform.
  • Make your LMS more powerful and more engaging by beefing up video capabilities.
  • Four different grades of transcoding ensure that users never have buffering problems—the spinning wheel of death.
  • If you don’t have an lMS, Viostream video platform can effectively deliver for small to mid-sized businesses. You can just use a video portal combined with video playlists to deliver Learning & Development.

Segment Audience With Dedicated Video Portals

  • Build video portals for different audience segments (executives, managers, Human Resources, administration).
  • Securely present video channels (like playlists) to exactly the audience you want. 
  • Customized playlists move learners through your curriculum.
  • Have a central control point, and systematic organization for all Learning & Development video.

Protect Video Assets With Multi-Layered Security

  • Completely and securely control all Learning & Development content. You can secure user access with either Single Sign On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), or preregistered login (by email).
  • Your video assets have three layers of security:
    • You can secure video portals as to who, when, and where video can be viewed.
    • Video playlists within the portals can also be secured as to who, when, and where video can be viewed.
    • Each individual video on a playlist within a portal can also be secured for who, when, and where it can be viewed. 
  • With Viostream’s domain and subdomain restrictions, your videos cannot be published on other domains. Sensitive Learning & Development videos can only be published according to your restrictions.
  • You can also restrict by IP address—which means that users must be on the corporate network, in the office, or be logged into the network VPN.

Control Access To All Video Assets

  • Control who can watch each video with granular controls for geo restrictions, IP restrictions, and network restrictions.
  • Be confident that training is delivered only to the audience it’s intended for.
  • Know exactly who is watching what, what they have watched, and how much they have watched
  • Be able to control that training is delivered and consumed in the sequence planned.
  • Viostream gives you the ability to have registered viewers. This allows you to share training outside your organization with vendors, or contractors. You can provide them a limited-time-only viewing by adding a preapproved list of registered viewers. 
  • Preapprove access for specific domains (websites) to host the video. The video cannot be hosted on any other domain.
  • Judiciously share videos by preapproving them for different networks, IP addresses, or VPNs to play the video.
  • Whitelist what network has play authority for specific videos.
  • Whitelist by using a preregistered list of who can view the video.
  • You can “expire” videos by making them live only for a limited amount of time.

Provide Video Training “Anywhere”

Viostream provides Automatic Video Transcoding into four different (customizable) quality grades. This transcoding enables adaptive bit rate streaming (a complicated way to say streaming automatically adjusts to network and device requirements). The video steaming works no matter where the user watches it.

  • No matter what device or network a user is watching on, the four different quality grades make it possible for them to view the content. 
  • One of the quality grades will work on all user devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  • No more excuses that the WiFi couldn’t handle streaming.
  • No more wasted user time. Watch on the train, bus, or during downtime waiting somewhere.
  • Viostream automatically plays the best possible version of the video given the signal strength.
  • If a user moves to a better network, Viosteam automatically serves up a higher quality version.

Use Analytics To Constantly Improve Curriculum

  • What’s the point of developing an amazing learning course if no one watches it? Without robust analytics, you can’t know real-time data about how successful your learning modules are. 
  • Viostream analytics make it easy to see what’s working in your training curriculum and what’s not. You have the tools to constantly improve video results, and optimize training curriculum.
  • The engagement gauge shows you exactly how engaging your videos are, and exactly what content is most engaging. 
  • Viostream charts your Learning & Development video trends over time. By having this visibility, you can be proactive in keeping the trends positive.
  • Video heatmaps help you understand how your video is being consumed by your audience. If something isn’t working, you can improve it. You’re not guessing.

Develop “Knowledge Expert” Video Library

  • Develop a video library of knowledge experts. With Viostream, it’s easy to capture this information and make it available across your organization—or to specific people.
  • Video is a perfect way for your best workers to demonstrate skills and shortcuts to others in the workforce. Target exactly who needs to know the information.
  • Don’t lose career-long experience when specialists move on. Capture relevant expertise before your experts leave the organization. 
  • Share information from subject matter experts using videos. At heart, we all know it’s a dramatic loss to let institutional knowledge walk out the door.
  • Record expert interviews (internal and external) and have the videos to share with relevant audiences in your organization.

Quantify Value Of Learning & Development

  • This is an eternal question: How do you demonstrate the value of Learning & Development to your management team?
  • In the past, you could only ever report by qualitative results through feedback forms (It’s so great!). What you really need are quantitative reports.
    • Who watched?
    • How many people watched?
    • What timeframe did they watch?
    • What was the level of engagement for viewers?
    • How much of the video did they watch?
    • How big of an increase was there in training consumed?
  • With Viostream, you can download a PDF of viewing activity over time. This makes it so easy for you to know your data to communicate it to management. You can now quantify the value of Learning & Development.
  • From time to time, you have to update your training courses. When that happens, you don’t want to lose historical data. You also don’t want to have to manually update the video everywhere it’s embedded. Viostream has a reupload function that reembeds video everywhere—and you keep the historical analytics. 

Keep Records And Manage Compliance

  • Some training is critical and has to be done—safety training, sexual harassment training, cybersecurity training. You need to know exactly which employees have completed these trainings. 
  • With Viostream, essential training is logged as to who’s watched the videos, when they watched, how much they watched, and how many times they watched. You also know the total length of video that a user has played.
  • For legal compliance reporting, all you have to do is download a log for the auditor, or grant limited Viostream access to them.
  • In Viostream, every single action taken on each of the videos is automatically logged. These are some of the items that are logged:
    • Who uploaded it?
    • Who approved it?
    • What security restrictions have been imposed and if/when those restrictions are released?
    • What calls to action have been added?
    • What transcriptions have been added?
    • What captions have been added?
  • Viostream makes it easy to track Continuing Professional Education (CPE), or Continuous Professional Development (CPD) units. 
  • Your workforce may need to stay current with information such as legislative changes, court rulings (precedents), accounting rule changes, or new tax and legal information. With Viostream, you can automatically track that your workers have watched the videos and are up to date. 

Effortlessly Provide Accessibility For All

  • With a simple toggle of a switch, you can turn on all Viostream’s accessibility features. 
  • Every single video has captions automatically generated for it. 
  • We also give you an in-text caption editor that visually highlights text to identify caption content that is likely to need editing. Red highlights show you where to focus your editing efforts.
  • For users who are unable to control a mouse, Viostream can be completely controlled from the keyboard.
  • For viewers who have color blindness, Viostream provides a color palette option they can toggle on so that they can view the video.
  • Viostream works with all screen readers, making it easy for users with vision problems to access the content. 

Enhancing Employee Experience

"The Viostream platform allowed us to rapidly release tailored training programs to our national teams in response to the COVID pandemic. Without it we wouldn't have been able to pivot our 20,000 workforce."

David Brown, Head of Learning & Development


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