Viewer Engagement

Searchable video

Interactive transcripts make the words in your video searchable, matching a timed transcript file with a visual display and search function to turn the spoken words in your video into a powerful, searchable information resource. Speech search allows your viewers to find any phrases in the video dialogue that contain their search term, and seek directly to those points in the video.

Clickable video

Let your audience interact with your message by triggering a call to action at any point in your video. It's super easy to use, simply upload an image or enter the text you want to appear in the video, add a link and select the time and position in the video you want it to appear.

Video Chapters

Make your longer videos easier to watch, giving viewers the power to find and watch the content relevant to the. Just add the title for the chapter to the timeline of the video and you have bite-size segments that your viewers can jump straight to.

Live Stream Q&A

Viostream's in-built viewer commenting or integration with enterprise social tools such as Yammer or Stackla enable real-time audience interaction to maximise engagement. During a live stream, your online and in-room audience can type in their own questions, or up-vote a question someone else has asked. You get to moderate the questions that come through and push the right ones to the presenter to read on a tablet or mobile.

Audience Analytics

Get a holistic picture of audience engagement and media activity with Viostream's reporting dashboard. Not just video views, but who is watching, from where, on what screen, and how long are they watching (or not watching).

Track individual viewer completion activity for compliance or learning management reporting, and make informed decisions when it comes to improving the effectiveness of your video content and achieving maximum ROI.


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