What are the Benefits of Asynchronous Communication for Your Organization?

What are the Benefits of Asynchronous Communication for Your Organization?

Asynchronous communication happens over time. Unlike synchronous—or simultaneous—communication, which requires an immediate response, asynchronous communication provides organizations like yours with multiple benefits. Using a video platform like Viostream makes this type of communication even easier. In this guide, learn the business benefits of asynchronous communication and why you should use Viostream to execute the process.

Wait to Respond

Synchronous communication takes place over the phone, via live stream, and other technology. With this type of engagement, you partake in a live discussion with another person or group of people. There is a continuous flow of conversation, and the people you communicate with expect you to respond immediately.

The pressure to respond immediately can be a problem for many people. Say, during a phone call, someone asks you to attend a meeting the following morning. But you want to think about the answer and get back to the person on the other end of the line. Over the phone, it's hard to know what to say. You don't want to appear rude or come across as reluctant to attend the meeting. You might need more time to think about the proposition and check your schedule.

Asynchronous communication removes this social awkwardness because you don't have to reply straight away. Imagine if the following conversation took place via a video platform like Viostream. The other person might send you a video message asking you about the meeting. Because the conversation doesn't happen in real-time, you can think about the answer before responding. You can always come back to the message at a later date. There's no pressure. This is a valuable ability for both external and internal communications.

Improve Global Interactions

Business doesn't take place in one time zone. Modern Australian organizations have customers and clients in all corners of the planet. That's why asynchronous communication is valuable for global companies. It allows them to communicate with people across different time zones.

Say you have a client in London. It might be too late in the day for the client to join your virtual morning meeting in Sydney or Melbourne. But thanks to asynchronous communication, you can exchange information via video message. You can still discuss the same topics as the morning meeting, but the conversation happens over time.

Save Conversations for Compliance/Reference

When conversations happen in real-time, it's difficult to remember important discussion points. You might forget something a client has said as soon as you put down the phone, which causes all kinds of problems. Asynchronous communication isn't live, and you can save conversations for future reference. Take video messages, for example. When you exchange information via pre-recorded video, you can keep these communications in a safe place to clarify a discussion point or check something the other person said.

Video messages are also useful for compliance reasons. With video messages, you can save all your conversations in a safe place as needed for legal reasons, such as to show adherence to internal policies. It also serves as a record of discussions you must have in order to comply with regulatory oversight, like in-depth training and stakeholder engagement.

Seek Additional Input

Making important business decisions over the phone is stressful. The other person typically requires an immediate response and doesn't provide you with enough time to consult with your team. In this highly pressurized scenario, you might agree to something you later regret.

With asynchronous communication methods like video messages, you can exchange information with a client or partner without needing to respond immediately. In the interim, you can consult with other team members and make collaborative decisions that benefit the entire organization.

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How Viostream Helps

Viostream is the top asynchronous and synchronous communication solution for businesses and government organizations. Benefit from synchronous communication features (like live video streaming, live URLs, and live video embeds) or take advantage of asynchronous communication features like video on demand, video playlists, video social sharing, and video embedding. You can control the way you communicate depending on the context.

Whatever communication type you use Viostream for, you're always guaranteed of the following:

  • World-class security that protects your business at all costs. Viostream provides peace of mind with various safety features, including cloud-based data storage.
  • Accessibility features such as interactive transcripts and close-captioning
  • Branded video galleries for storing pre-recorded videos
  • HTML5/4K video playback
  • Advanced analytics for tracking communications
  • Other video management features you won't find on free platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube

Viostream is a top video platform that has provided a broad range of asynchronous and synchronous communication features for almost two decades. Using video for asynchronous communication makes it even easier to engage with people inside and outside your organization, no matter where they are in the world. Video messages and other features let you respond to conversations whenever you like. You can consult with your team, save communications for compliance, and future reference. Try out our free trial.

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