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Jan 13, 2022

Corporate Training Video Production: Your Complete Guide

When you bring new employees onto your team, it's important to onboard them thoroughly. Incorporating new people into your organization isn't only about teaching them skills. It's also about infusing them into the culture of your workplace: teaching them the lingo, letting them know about industry jargon, and making them feel like they're part of a professional "family." Many companies recognize the value of professional development and now utilize corporate training videos to achieve this.

According to experts on training B2C employees, video is one of the most powerful ways to train and onboard employees. We've outlined the benefits of video training in another blog post. Education specialists have proven that utilizing video for teaching helps deepen or solidify lessons for students. Likewise, by utilizing corporate training videos, you can create effective employee training tools that are memorable.

Additionally, corporate training videos can be used over and over again. Create a training video once, and then you never have to take time and energy away from your other work again. Video learning statistics data backs these claims up, suggesting that video reduces costs and increases training effectiveness. By following the guidelines we have outlined below, you can ensure your videos are engaging and powerful every time they are viewed.

Gather the Right Equipment

To make great corporate training videos, you first need the right equipment. You want your video to be high enough quality that trainees can hear and see it clearly. It should also demonstrate your tech-forward nature and capabilities so employees know you're not stuck in the Stone Age. This is particularly important if you will be training fully remotely.

Make sure you have a camera to capture the video, a tripod or camera operator to keep the visual steady, and a quality microphone to record audio clearly. Having the right equipment is the first step to ensuring your corporate training videos look and sound good. Corporate training video production is only as good as the tools you have for it.

But remember: Equipment doesn't end with the hardware. Once you have recorded your video, you will need a place to put it. Determine your hosting platform before you start to save time down the road. Choosing a professional video management platform like Viostream instead of a basic, unsecure platform like YouTube better enables you to foster a culture of continual learning with video that adapts with your employee needs. You can even kick off a free trial before you start production and try the system risk-free for 14 days.

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Determine Which Types of Corporate Training Videos to Create

Before you create your corporate training videos, you also need to consider what type of videos will work best to help you achieve your goals and strengthen your team's knowledge. Here are a few examples of corporate training videos you might create:

  • Welcome videos. More and more companies are embracing new trends in onboarding employees, including welcome videos. Here are six of our favorite examples.
  • Explainer videos. These are short videos that introduce a product, service, or idea. The explainer video, as the name entails, explains the subject to the audience in an engaging and positive manner.
  • Interview or "talking head" videos. These corporate training videos essentially consist of a head on-screen throughout the video. While this might sound boring, using a conversational tone and lighthearted music helps to keep the video entertaining.
  • Interactive videos. In interactive videos, stylized graphics and clickable moments create a very professional-looking and engaging video.
  • Culture videos. Culture videos are designed to present the viewer with an energetic and positive impression of the office culture. We suggest incorporating culture videos into your onboarding curriculum.

There are even more types of corporate training videos you can use for training current and new employees and improving corporate communications. For inspiration, consider these additional examples of corporate training videos.

Prepare a Corporate Training Video Script Before You Begin Filming

Don't just wing it when it comes to making corporate training videos. By writing a training video script, you can ensure you include all necessary lessons, and you can make your company look smooth and professional. If you are creating an onboarding video, a script ensures everyone is using the appropriate company tone and language so you clearly demonstrate the right feel of the company to your new hires. Give everyone appearing on the video the script in advance so that, even if they have to read the script in the video, they'll be familiar with the lessons they're delivering.

Publish and Share on a Centralized Accessible Platform

Once your video has been recorded and edited, you'll want a place to publish it so that it's accessible to all trainees. No matter where staff may be located, they should be able to asynchronously access video content.

If video is a significant part of your training curriculum, you may want to invest in a video hosting or management software. If you pick a platform that connects to the cloud, you ensure that trainees can access the corporate training videos no matter where they are located, as long as they have an internet connection. This means they can start training immediately if they are a remote employee or even get started before their first day in the office.

When you adopt a corporate training video production solution that has a cloud-based video library, employees can access training videos again and again. This allows people to watch training videos as many times as they need to, and it helps ensure they can be referenced at a later date if the information is ever forgotten or reminders are ever needed. If you already use a learning management system (LMS), make sure that your LMS integrates seamlessly with your video management software.

If you're ready to implement corporate training videos to help you set up your team for success, then you're ready for Viostream. Viostream is one of the world's leading video hosting platforms for business, with features that can help you create a winning training program for your employees and colleagues. If you have the technology and talent for corporate training video production, use Viostream to brand, publish, and share your corporate training videos to make them accessible over and over again as your team continues to grow. To see how Viostream can help keep your team engaged, start your free trial now.

Brendan Sas
Brendan Sas is a digital designer and creator based in Sydney, Australia.
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