Oct 5, 2021

Best Secure Video Host for Your Company

By 2022, video will account for about 82% of total worldwide Internet traffic. Video content boosts a webpage’s search engine results page (SERP) ranking from organic traffic by 157%. Video is the fastest-growing type of content in the world, but to reap the many benefits of video for both internal and external purposes, businesses of all kinds need secure hosting that protects video content and ensures that it safely reaches its intended audience.

The best secure video hosting platforms for your company give you control of your content with additional layers of security that keep it safe and trouble-free. Here’s a look at today’s top providers of secure, private video hosting.

Why Security Matters

Public video hosting platforms like YouTube allow anyone to upload video content entirely free of charge. While that can put your brand or business in front of millions of viewers, it can also expose your video content to theft and misuse. Video piracy alone costs an estimated $30 billion every year, and it’s only one of the ways unprotected video content is vulnerable to nefarious activity. Publicly hosted video can also become exposed to malware, viruses, and identity theft when a video invites viewers to click a link or buy a product.

Some video content simply should not be posted on public sites. Videos produced for in-house purposes such as employee training or recordings of meetings and presentations can contain a wealth of sensitive and proprietary information ranging from company policies to employees’ personal data. Businesses need safe, secure ways to share and manage this kind of video content with a limited number of approved viewers without risking exposure to outside viewing. Public sites typically offer users an option for posting videos in Unlisted or Private modes that restrict their viewership to a select audience, but that option simply removes video content from public view without providing additional protections against malware and data theft.

Video content that’s protected with multiple layers of security can also provide a smooth, swift user experience, since it isn’t subject to the slower speeds, buffering issues, and display problems that can come from compromised video files. When these damaged or compromised files are shared on other computers, they can bring along various kinds of malware and viruses.

Private Video Hosting Platforms: Secure and Safe

Public hosting platforms generally offer users space to upload their content, but these sites typically offer very little in terms of protection from theft or misuse of the content, and free public posting usually comes with advertising that's controlled by the host.

Private video hosting platforms are not free. However, the various plans offered by these companies come with an array of built-in security features that allow any user to restrict or allow access to video content, track suspicious activity, and protect video files with layers of encryption and passcodes. With pricing that ranges from minimal starter plans to custom-designed enterprise packages, these platforms promise security alongside an array of other features that allow video publishers to control access to their content and deliver a quality experience for every viewer.

Choosing A Secure Host

Whether you’re publishing video content exclusively for in-house viewing or making it a part of your marketing and brand outreach strategy, you’ll want to look for some key features when looking for the right platform to host your content, including:

  • Password protections, which ensure that your videos are available only to the viewers you choose. Publishers can provide a password or require a login to view the desired content.
  • Encryption, which hides data behind virtually unbreakable sequences of digital code. Encryption programs require valid login credentials and can keep video data safe during uploading, downloading, and streaming.
  • Domain restrictions, which make sure that videos can only play on sites with a domain authorized by the publisher.
  • Geographic or IP restrictions, which limit viewership to specific regions or countries. In your host’s dashboard settings, you can set up a list of areas where your content can be viewed, and IP addresses from outside those areas are filtered out or blocked.

The Best Secure Video Hosting for Your Company

The best secure video hosts offer a variety of customizable security features designed to keep video safe from piracy and other dangers.


With a range of security and privacy features including geographic restrictions, encryption, and viewer registration, Viostream gives users full control over their video content and its viewership.


Focused on large corporations, Brightcove’s platform includes digital rights management and domain and IP restrictions to keep video content in the right hands.


Vidyard provides private video hosting primarily for marketers, with security features including password and SSO permissions for controlling access to video content.


Livestreaming specialist Dacast offers a range of security features including token security, password protection, and domain restrictions for managing video content and controlling viewership.


Israel-based Kaltura supports educational video providers with features including password protection and IP restrictions that permits content viewing only by authorized users.

Why Choose Viostream?

Viostream offers robust platform security that’s built on encryption, data sovereignty, secure user management, IP restriction, domain whitelisting, and multiple features for controlling viewer access such as password protection and required viewer registration. With multiple layers of security at every point of user management and viewer access, Viostream helps businesses of all sizes keep control of video content for in-house and external viewing. Start your free trial now.

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