20 Companies Using a Hybrid Work Model Now

20 Companies Using a Hybrid Work Model Now

According to a survey conducted by management consulting firm Mckinsey, nine out of ten organizations will now be adopting a hybrid work model. McKinsey surveyed 100 executives and found that customer satisfaction and productivity has increased during the coronavirus pandemic. This has led many executives to embrace the idea of flexible work-life, which would mean that employees are in the office anywhere between one to four days a week.

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Why Companies with Hybrid Work Models Attract Employees

Post-pandemic, many companies with hybrid work model capabilities are rethinking how their employees should work in the 21st century. As many employees worked at home during the pandemic, it showed CEOs and managers that workers will still be productive while working remotely. In addition, companies with hybrid work models have better retention rates and can save money by reducing office space.

People enjoy the flexibility that working from home gives them, and since having the opportunity during the pandemic, many don't want to go back to working full-time on-site. In fact, according to the EY 2021 Work Reimagined Employee Survey, 54 percent of workers would consider leaving their jobs if they are not given flexible working options. Companies with hybrid work models are favored by employees much more now.

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Companies with Hybrid Work Models

Several companies with hybrid work models have offered employees the choice of working either remotely or flexibly pre-pandemic. Firms like Appen, Hilton, IBM, Amazon, and The Hartford are just a handful of businesses ahead of their time in this sphere. However, the focus of this list is going to be 20 companies with hybrid work models since 2020.

  1. Microsoft. Since October 2020, this firm has promoted the flexible working model by viewing working from home less than 50 percent of the time as standard.
  2. Allen and Overy. A&O decided to give workers more flexibility in managing their time working both on-site and remotely.
  3. Spotify. This company offers workers a hybrid policy, allowing them to choose a flexible work pattern that suits both them and their manager.
  4. BP. In March 2021, the energy giant informed its 25,000 office-based employees that they would only have to be in the office three days a week as they get to work from home for the other two days.
  5. Target. This retailer announced that it would allow staff to work flexibly. What is more, Target made the decision even though there is still a decade left on their corporate headquarters' lease.
  6. Ford. Since March 2021, Ford told its employees they could keep working from home as they decided to adopt a flexible work schedule.
  7. British Airways. BA announced it will now offer flexible employment. In addition, rumor has it that the airline is looking to sell off its headquarters near Heathrow airport. Companies with hybrid work models often save money on office space.
  8. Citigroup. Workers at this bank will be expected to be in the office just three days a week.
  9. TIAA. Before the pandemic, approximately 90 percent of staff worked on-site. However, chief human resource officer, Sean Woodroffe, predicts that around 80 percent of workers will have a hybrid timetable.
  10. Stellantis (Fiat Chrysler) - It is expected that 17,000 employees will work a hybrid schedule in North America. This comes as the automaker initiates its 'New Era of Agility' approach, which allows most employees to work remotely for the majority of the time.
  11. 11. Amgen - The leading biotechnology firm has announced that most of the employees who worked remotely during the pandemic restrictions will have the same flexibility moving forward.
  12. Splunk. The San Francisco Business Times reports that the software firm has agreed to let most of its staff work remotely indefinitely. Splunk is also planning to sublease a large part of its office space as they will no longer be needing it.
  13. Apple. The Verge reports that Apple employees will be able to work from home twice a week, which means a three-day week at the office. Such companies with hybrid work models will be even more attractive to employees.
  14. American Express. The credit card service company is allowing its U.S and U.K employees to work a three-day week in the office. Workers can then choose if they want to remain in the office for the next two days or work from home virtually.
  15. UBS. The Swiss bank plans to let two-thirds of its employees work remotely some of the time.
  16. Uber. The transportation firm is now allowing its employees to have more of a choice over which office they work in, and they have agreed to let them work remotely 50 percent of the time.
  17. Asda. The supermarket has declared that 4000 of its staff can choose whether or not they want to work at home, the shop, the depot, or the office.
  18. Cisco. Workers at this networking firm are already used to working a hybrid schedule. It's expected that less than 25 percent of staff will want to be working three days or more a week on-site.
  19. Alphabet (Google). Most of their tech workers will be working on-site, however, moving forward they have the option of working at a different location or even remotely.
  20. Grammarly. As far as companies with hybrid work models go, Grammarly gives its team workers a lot of freedom. Grammarly employees have the option of choosing to work from home most of the time.

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